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New driver 20 does Not work

These last drivers are Not good... But the latest (20.1.2) can Not run old Directx games !

Anotação 2020-01-16 174805.png Carmageddon Windows version

Anotação 2020-01-16 175313.png

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machine specs would be a good first step

Adept I

I had problems with it too.  For the first time on this card I started getting crashes and lock-up/screen freezes. Yes my card is old and on its last legs, but, I play the same games. I've gone back to a previous revision and all is fine again. I have a R9 380 and the new drivers are broken for me.. One of the crashes it even claimed my CPU was over heating. I didn't make it through one session without a crash either (roughly 10 times in a row) Also, can we get an option not to install the software. It offers lots of functions I don't need. In fact, I use baseline anyway and never open the software. I get the feeling that's using resources I don't need, or, want.

In all reality you will likely be best to never update that driver again. They have not made any optimizations for that card in a long while now. What I am saying is that likely the only potential is for things to get worse not better. You never HAVE to upgrade any driver unless it fixes a known issue, adds a feature you want or is an OS requirement. As they say if it isn't broken don't fix it.

Journeyman III

Same i cant play BFV or BF4... BFV Crashes, and BF4 send me to desktop with a DirectX pop-up "Getdeviceremovedreason failed"


5700x Nitro +

MSI B450 Pro Carbon AC 

750w Gold PSU 

Everything up to date

Driver: 19.12.2 - 19.12.3 - 20.1.1 - 20.1.2 (not working) // 19.12.1 (working)

Sold my Sapphire RX Vega 64 for 5700xt Nitro+ was looking for stability... Should of looked at Nvidia... got burned twice with AMD GPU.


AMD engineers may not be able to play because the driver is horrible for older directx games