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Adept I

New Driver 19.12.2 Freeze, beeping and disabled overlay ghosting

Hi, so most of you know the freezing bug in fullscreen programs but there are two more things that drives me crazy:

1) the "beep beep buups" everytime i start a game...WTF??

2) The DISABLED Overlay, which tells me to press Alt+R to show it. Even if i press Alt+R it happens nothing..because it is disabled! But why the hell it annoys me then??

Sry, but this is the worst AMD-Driver i ever had.

Pls all report this kind of bugs so we get a hotfix as soon as possible.

2 Replies
Journeyman III

I have same troubles in Radeon adrenalin driver 19.12.2.

After starting Game soft, sometime game seems to freeze.
As soon as starting game, screen freeze.
I can hear sound, and game react to input from
keyboard, etc. but i cant recognize what is happening because of freezing screen.
I cannot help terminating it from a task-manager.

Beep sounds 3 times. Annoying.
After starting Game soft, opening (maker's Logo)movie is OK.
But after staring main part (maybe using DirectX),
I can hear beep sound. What is the sound? What is the meaning for?

I do not need pointless self-assertion by any device drivers in general terms.


rollback to 19.12.1 , like me  

without problems and nervers