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Adept I

New Crimson driver problems

So after installing the crimson drivers my headphones got messed up. I have Logitech G930 7.1 Headphones and when I started to play Fallout 4 for some reason only my right side of my headphones outputted any sound. Also the Logitechs gaming software could not find my headphones anymore, so I could re-configure my surround or my headphones. I re-installed LGT software and it didn't fix it......ONLY after I manually uninstalling the drivers from the device manager and uninstalling the software once more, and then re-installing the software did I get my headphones back. Also as I mentioned above I was trying play Fallout 4, and what do you know the (BAD WORD) compass is flickering.....did it flicker with the latest beta drivers 15.11.1 or have any other problems NO (BAD WORD) NO. I watched the crimson driver promo videos, where everyone is making big promises and batting them selves in the back, and I was REALLY hoping that the drivers would be something NEW and GROUND BREAKING....BUT NO. Only thing they pretty much did was redesign the amd radeon settings panel......(BAD WORD)? It is no wonder AMD is going down the toilet.....this is not how you service your customers. I've been using using AMD/ATI GPU for the past 10 years, but this one 295x2 WILL BE THE LAST ONE. I'm sick and tired of this BAD WORD. Sorry for venting but I am so (BAD WORD) dissapointed about this Crimson release....I was REALLY hoping something good was coming not just rebranding of stuff.

' I said good day!' -Fez

P.S Suprise there is a language filter......

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