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Journeyman III

New app scaling issue with Adrenalin 20.9.1 control panel

Okay, let put you in context. My 2019 gaming PC (a hand built Ryzen 2400G equipped with an MSI Radeon Armor X 580 OC) is connected to a 55 inch 1080P FHD television as monitor and Windows 10 scaling is obviously set to 150% which is perfect for that size of display to be able to read text and do online browsing.

Now, I recently updated from Adrenalin 20.4.1 to latest 20.9.1 certified driver and formerly with version 20.4.1, the control panel for settings display features ignored the Windows 10 scaling settings and Adrenalin control panel opened at 100% scaling and it was expected for a display driver.

Now starting with latest version 20.9.1, the Adrenalin control panel is following the Windows 10 scaling setting and both the control panel and both the pop up windows (like the performance statistics and the ALT-R prompt) displays at 150% which is super large and it also makes the control panel not really usable because at 1080P resolution, scaled to 150%, the "usable" resolution after scaling is just too tight to display the entre windows with all the buttons and menus...

I deeply searched into the Adrenalin 20.9.1 control panel to find a settings that indicated to the driver to ignore the app scaling settings of Windows 10, but I didn't find any way to fix it. One thing I already tried without success is to locate the Adrenalin Control Panel shortcut from the start menu, then locate the original .EXE for the control panel and right-click "Properties" on the application file, then in the "Compatibility" tab, I disabled the app scaling there, but it doesn't impact on the Adrenalin Control Panel...

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