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Journeyman III

New Adrenalin (2020) Problems?

Hello! I have to report an error and a possible solution. The problem is that when i use a full-screen game (tryed LoL and CSGO) the picture is pixelated with different colours, like the picture. If you take a screenshoot you can't see the problem. If i use window-mode (in LoL) it run well. It's not the display because i used another PC and runs well (even in full-screen and same settings).
To start from the biginning, I just assembly a new ryzen 3 2200G with a vega 8 inside. I instalated fresh windows and when a made a search for the new drivers, installed the new adrenalin 2020, version 20.2.1.
The solution was to stop the Game DVR on windows 10 (pretty hard in fact, had to do it in the registry editor) but it makes impossible to use the new adrenalin software...

It wouldn't be a real problem if i won't use the Freesync option, but i bought an expensive display to use it... Now i'll try older version of radeon software.
Sorry for my bad english!

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