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new 2200g AMD driver causing all sorts of problems.

I just got myself a 2200g and the first thing i did with a fresh windows 10 install was go to AMD site and download the recommended driver think it was 20.2.2 it installed fine but i noticed these couple of things happening.

Micro stuttering in games... FPS was well above 60 never dropping any lower than 60 and my temps etc were  low yet i was getting this micro stutter in the background of games.. like it was forming backgrounds whilst i was moving etc..

FPS in overlay would just stop working suddenly and id need to close and reopen the overlay to get it back.

Screen would go black and try to recover before my pc would end up restarting this happens quite a lot.

I did a bit of reading and someone suggested to install the chipset drivers for my motherboard which i hadnt done previously... so i clean installed the drivers that were on ASROCKs sit for my motheboard b450m pro4 and i noticed right away i no longer had any suite installed... but that the driver itself was solid.. no issues while playing games in terms of stutter and no black screen/crashes...(v19.10.16_19H1_WHQL) is the install.

But i really enjoy having the suite mainly for the ability to change from y444 to rgb full which i cant with just the driver installed.

Is there a way to get the software for this driver ? or even upgrade to the next stable one with an offline update ?


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