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Adept I

Need help with resident evil 2!

I used to run a gtx 1050 Ti and then I made an upgrade to my rx 5700 msi evoke, I have also a ryzen 5 3600 and 16 gb of ram.

The problem its this one, Anytime I try to open this specific game it just goes to a windowed black screen and then the game shuts down, I have tried using ddu to remove all drivers and then install the 20.5.1 version of the drivers and I keep having the same issue, My question is, shall I delete the 20.5.1 driver and install the previous one? since this one its not certified yet, I´m also having fps issues with games like star wars jedi fallen order and cod warzone I see those games pretty unstable.

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I am not sure about this specific game. There are however many complaints with Navi cards not working with older games the previous cards still work with. 

I would report the issue to AMD: 

Also if you are running a modded version for instance the ray tracing mod of RE2 that came out a couple months ago. It could be an issue with the game and the AMD driver too. 

I would send your issue to Capcom support as well. 

Journeyman III


With RE3 I've never been able to launch it in DX12 on my Vega56. Well I only tried once but it had a crash issue after applying the setting and restarting for it to take effect. To fix it it had to go to the game folder and open the "re3_config.cfg"


and change 2 settings back to DX11 to make the game launch again.

If you are using Windows 10 leave this setting as "Capability=DirectX12" since you are compatiable

but change these 2 settings to "DirectX11"



Hope this helps

Might if you where last playing in DirectX12 before getting your new card