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Need Help with an OLD GPU Display driver pls

i have an ati radeon hd 2400 xt, (please don't bully me im poor), and i tried installing the drivers for the card and i always get a display driver error, ive tried compatibility mode and every driver installation i could find on the internet but still no success, anyone knows what could be causing this issue and a possible solution? thanks!aaaaae.PNG

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What OS? Hope it's not Win 10.

well sadly it is windows 10, ive ran compatibility mode with windows 7, since i installed the win7 64bit driver and still no hope

tried it and still not working

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The only thing you can do is let Windows Update install a basic driver.

Here is Microsoft Catalog Update that shows Windows 10 drivers for your antique GP card:

Screenshot 2021-05-29 113956.png

Nor guaranteeing that these driver will work or not.

seems helpful but how do i install it



@kingfishcan probably instruct you on how to install Microsoft Cab files.

If not just google " How to install Microsoft .cab files from Microsoft Catalog update"

Found this TenForums the shows how to install .CAB files from Microsoft Catalog Update:

Or just let Windows Update install the correct Windows Driver as Kingfish mentioned. Otherwise you will need to download the driver from the Microsoft Catalog Update site.

EDIT: You can unpack the .CAB file using 7-Zip (free program) and then use Device Manager to direct it to the folder where you extracted the files from the .CAB file and see if Device Manager installs the correct GPU driver.

idk if anyone cares anymore but i actually managed to do it, it was a long process but it works, now I have working drivers for ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT and working catalyst control center that lets me optimize and choose all my display options, and im even running the latest windows 10 build(21H1) since I know this worked flawlessly on older windows builds, anyways i realized that the Microsoft Catalog update that someone linked above is not what i wanted, they are the basic drivers that windows installs for you automatically when it detects the card, these drivers are very basic and are not compatible with the Catalyst Control Center, they are just useful for basic displays, so i uninstalled them and then installed the DISPLAY DRIVERS that come with the Windows 8 driver package from the AMD Support page MANUALLY from the device manager, and they were forced to be downloaded even if i wasn't using Windows 8 because i installed them from the device manager, this gave me the Display Drivers that were compatible with Catalyst Control Center and a ton of other really useful features like: AMD Accelerated Video Transcoding, AMD Drag and Drop Transcoding and AMD Media Foundation Decoders. all of this on a 2007 unsupported card.