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Journeyman III

Need help with AMD Drivers and Sapphire 5500 xt Nitro+

Here's the thing. Ive built my PC in october 2020. Ryzen 3600, Corsair 8+8gb 3600mhz, Msi Tomahawk max b450, WD Blue 1tb, WD Black SN750 500gb, Corsair CX600M psu and a Sapphire Nitro+ 5500 XT 8gb SE.

A few weeks ago the pc started to get into a boot loop when powering up. Sometimes it would post after a few reboots, sometimes it got into an endless boot loop (like 8 times).

So i had the idea to do a fresh install of windows 10. The thing is, Windows installs like a breeze but the problem starts when i install the GPU drivers. I followed every step of this video:

Install win 10 Home, then install all the Windows Updates, Chipset Driver, Realtek Audio Driver, etc.

When its time to install the latest AMD Driver for my GPU, the installer near to the end freezes and a Windows ad pop up at the right corner of the screen that says something like "Windows need to restart", then the PC reboots and gets into that endless loop.

Then, i restart in Safe Mode, clean the AMD drivers with DDU, then reboot again in normal mode. It seems that Windows is installing his Standard Display Driver every time i try to wipe the AMD driver. Tried rolling back to the AMD December 2020 driver but i always get the same result.

These are all things ive tried: checking cable connections, wiping AMD drivers with DDU in safe mode then installing AMD latest drivers with internet disconnected, deleting AMD folder, taking out the GPU then installing it back again, switching between Bios 1 and 2 form the GPU switch, cleaning CMOS, installing Win10 in the mechanical drive, installing Win10 only in the Nvme drive, switching connections between the two HDMI ports of the GPU, installing Win 10 Home and Pro, rollng back between drivers versions.


 The PC displays image and audio, so i dont think that my GPU is faulty. The RGB light, logo and cooler are spinning normally. In the past ive used it for dozen of hours playgin Warzone, GTA V, without any problem.

Maybe my PSU is faulty? Its the only part on this build that is not brand new. Dunno where to start since ive tried almost everything.

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Journeyman III

Oh, also did the Motherboard BIOS flash with the latest BIOS.

The current setting in my mobo is UEFI boot, AHCI, XMP2 on (3600mhz) and PCI Gen3 Enabled.

Journeyman III

hey, I encountered a similar problem after screwing with some bios settings after building my system in March 2021:
First off:
Ryzen 5800
Corsair 64gb (16x4)
MSI MAG b550 Tomahawk
WD Black 2tb SN850
Corsair RM850x
Sapphire Nitro+ 5700xt

The bios setting that was messing everything up for me was Game Boost.  Disable it.  I disabled that and the random crashes and reboot loops immediately stopped. 
I also disabled resize bar setting.  It seems that not having a 6000 series card was causing things to crash for me. 
Ohh and pick a pcie mode to lock in. The 5000 series cards are PCIE 4.0 so you can lock it in either pcie 3 or pcie 4 mode. Auto mode causes me problems.

Ohh and it is probably not your PSU. I switched to a 1000w PSU to troubleshoot and was still encountering the boot loop. 

Hope this gives you a place to start


Give driver 20.10.1 or an older one that supports the RX 5500xt a try, that worked for me though was not the real fix. I have had similar problems with a similar setup see here that seems to be caused either by maybe faulty hardware or some incompatibility with the newer drivers.


Hi Guys,

Seems that "millions" of people are struggling with AMD and 5000 series GFX. Check out my experiences here below.
Additionally I will with try what is mentioned about Game Boost and PCIE 4.0 (even thought my 2 identical setups are the same)


Se here for my experiences:


I can top that with my own experiences on exact the same problem!!
I have build two completely identical PC's for my home office. Here are the specs:

Motherboard: MSI MAG B550M MORTAR
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 - 3.60Ghz
CPU coolerbe quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
RAM: Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX 16GB /3200 (CMK16GX4M2Z3200C16)
SSD: Samsung MZ-V7S500BW 970 Evo Plus SSD
PSU: be quiet! Straight Power 11 - ATX12V 2.4/EPS12V - 80 PLUS Gold - 650W

BIOS flashed on both PC's to most recent version

Like many people I was waiting for the 6700 XT GFX cards to arrive. Because of the the price and low stock, I gave up on the 6700 XT and instead fetched two GFX cards on ebay Germany (I live in Denmark).

GFX: MSI AMD Radeon 5500 XT 8GB

So.... the PC builds are 100% identical, and here it comes. The first PC got the MSI AMD Radeon 550 XT installed. A fresh Windows 10 also and even on LAN from the beginning in the install proces. Everything installed in a snap, also the GFX drivers. This PC runs with absolutely NO problems and games just fly. All good here.

Second PC got the other MSI AMS Radeon 5500 XT installed. Same proces with Window 10 install. AND THEN...**bleep**? BSOD before the Windows welcome "Hey, we are getting things ready for you...".

  • Reboot, try again
  • Crash and reboot
  • Beginning google searches for behavior, learning about adrenalin driver issues.
  • Reboot, install without LAN = success
  • Manually install Adrenalin
  • Crash and reboot
  • Reboot, try again
  • Checking ALL other hardware (by switching between my 2 PC's)
  • Learning that the GFX card really IS the problem, since switching the card to the first PC, then this PC also crashes. The First GFX card in the other machine and then it runs smooth.
  • Reading for days online about other experiences from numerous users.
  • Getting tired
  • Fresh install windows 10 without LAN
  • Installing ONLY AMD drivers, without Adrenalin software.
  • Runs fine, even some GPU demo benches.
  • Installed Heroes III 
  • Installed Steam
  • Out of nowhere just sitting in windows 10, Black screen and freeze
  • Reboot
  • Play Heroes III for 3 minutes, Black screen and freeze
  • Reading online of Black screen behavior with AMD GPU's
  • Getting more tired

Till now I conclude, SINCE I HAVE 2 IDENTICAL BUILDS, I can exclude it is a driver issue and more likely the GFX card itself. I'm thinking, even that the 2 cards are the exact same model, maybe there are board revisions to consider comparing. This would be my final research before giving up.

The cards are secondhand and both sellers honestly confirmed working order in their system. So, I have one running perfect and one with the same problems as you guys.
I will check board revisions on my cards and reply here.
In the end I think I spend €370 for a flush in the toilet. 


Not sure they made "millions".

Did you report it using the AMD Bug Reporting Tool at the very top right of the Adrenalin 2020 GUI/UI?

Note the Bug Reporting Tool will trawl your PC for Data.

There is no opt out to that. 

However it is the only way to report a bug to AMD. 

More info here:

You can try email support here as well:
There is a "Contact Support" button at the bottom of the page. 
It points here:

They will likely tell you to run the Bug Reporting Tool though.



Please point to the MSI Website for the exact model of MSI GPUs you are using. 
It could be one of these, for example:
There are 4 to choose from.



I will during this weekend check for board revisions.

For your knowledge I have 2 GFX cards of this model: (The 8GB Mech edition)

Even if the cards are of same model, I will check if there are board revision differences, batch differences, date differences...whatever I can find.

Thank you.

The MSI Live Update 6 Utility for your GPUs is here:


It seems others on this AMD Community Forum had similar problem. 

It looks like it was "faulty GPU".

It might be a problem with earlier VBIOS though.


Well, that could support my suspicion on the HW faulty thought.

Unfortunately I cannot RMA, since I bought it off ebay


Hmm, display adapter BIOS version on both my PCs just show xxx-xxx-xxx in windows


Fetching GPU-Z

Ebay often have a 14 day return period. 
You can usually return the GPU if not as described. 
Open a return with Ebay if you are still within that return period. 

You can also negotiate with the seller and ask them to accept return if you getthe GPU and it turns out to not work correctly during testing before you buy, but ... probably too late for that. 


Already have had the return process. Seller also replied, but only stating that all worked in perfect order, and sellers ebay auction also stated "No return". Not much to do.


RE: sellers ebay auction also stated "No return". 

That does not matter at all and it is illegal for the sellers on Ebay to say that. 

If they claimed the GPU is in full working working order and it is not, then you have full rights under Consumer Protection to return it. 

If you filed a return claim with Ebay within 14 days and reported the GPU failed, Ebay should send you a details of how to send the return. Ebay should send you a tracked postage label. The seller should have to pay the cost of the return of the GPU.

Think of the time it already cost you messing about trying to get the GPU to work. 
I would return it.



There shouold be a download page for your GPUs on the MSI site, for example:

Once you find your GPUs on the site, 

Do not download MSI Afterburner, if it is on your PC get rid of it for now (uninstall it). 
Download and install the MSI Live Update 6 program and check what VBIOS it suggests for your GPUs.

Which version of Adrenalin 2020 are you running. 

21.3.1/2 or something else?


Currently I am running drivers only without software. Version 21.3.1

Yeah, I really tried everything and followed all peoples advise on how to use DDU, with or without Safe mode, with or with out LAN, recipe steps etc. I've been through BIOS updates, Windows update blockers, pure driver installs. 

Still I think it is VERY strange that I have 2 identical setups, one just ran a flawless automatic LAN attached win10 setup, all installed automatically, and PC runs flawless. The other was in reboot loops already during the Win10 setup.

It really is mind boggling, again, I have 2 freaking identical setups !!

Remember, as soon as I move the card over in the other PC, then the healthy PC also crashes randomly. I can only guess my second identical GFX card has HW error. Seller still claims 100% working order. I refuse to accept I did something to brick it during installation. I am always very cautious building PCs. Done this for a lifetime.

I think also since most have no problems and still many has problems it could be board revision differences? It is at least worth investigating

Please point to the MSI website to the details for each GPU you have. 

I suggest you get the latest version of GPUz and post exactly which BIOS version is used on each GPU. 
You can get GPUz from here:

You can dump out the VBIOS and compare. 



We need more than help, we need drivers, before they burn our boards.