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Adept II

Need help installing just the drivers.....

Trying to install just the drivers, no crapware, for my RX 570 using darkangel's method. I ran into a snag though.
In the first image of the display drivers I don;t know if I install the U0349841 driver, or the C0349841 one, or both...
In the second Image I'm not sure which folder to grab the audio drivers from... If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated....

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To just install the Drivers and any necessary related software like Radeon Settings do this:

1- If you ran the AMD Installation package, you should have the following AMD Folder created C:\AMD in the Root Directory

2- If not, then use 7-Zip to unpack the AMD Installation package .exe and save it.

3- Go to Device Manager - Display. Click on the GPU card or MS Display Adapter and click on "Update Driver" and guide it to the C:\AMD folder. It will automatically scan the entire folder and install the correct driver for your Windows OS.

4- to install the Audio, In Device Manager - Sound, Video, Game Controller. If the AMD HD Audio is not installed, then click on HD Audio then "Update Driver" and again guide it to the AMD Folder C:\AMD. It will automatically scan the entire folder and install the AMD HD Audio driver.

I have an Nvidia GPU Card but inputted in the search box the correct AMD Folder for you. Just pretend I have a GPU card that is AMD for the time being so as to not get confused.

*** I suggest you uninstall the current AMD Driver package with DDU in Safe mode with the Internet disconnected. If C:\AMD is present then don't delete it.  Once DDU boots back into Windows desktop with the internet still disconnected, open Device Manager and proceed as above. Once the AMD Drivers are installed, connect the Internet again and delete C:\AMD folder to save space and prevent future conflict with installing newer drivers in the future.***

IF by any chance, DDU deletes C:\AMD then after rebooting back to the desktop, run the AMD Installation package and when it asks to install cancel. C:\AMD folder should have been created in the Root Directory. If not, just use 7-Zip to unpack the AMD Installation package.

If by any chance you can't update the Display driver when it has MS Display Adapter then in Device Manager click on Scan for Hardware Changes. This will install AMD Drivers from Windows OS. Now you can update the driver again.

See if this  works for you.

Adept I

To be honest I too just want the drivers. I've had zero problems playing the same 2 games I've always played. I install the latest garbage bloatware and I've crashed during every gaming session since. It's different things each time too. Lock ups where allegedly my processor now overheats, dll errors, frozen screens, missing textures. I don't want to record anything, make gifs, stream, I just want to play the damn games. You're meant to be making games run smoother, not upping the ante. I don't want to upgrade my graphics hardware just to run useless driver software. Learn your place, you're meant to just be EFFICIENT drivers! Where's the option now to just install whats needed. Whoo do you think you are? Windows 10?


Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2019-Edition-19.10.1-Oct17 installed. OP you just need to direct Windows to the main folder. I just installed the noted software that way and it works perfect without ANY additional software.