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Adept I

Nasty Bug with 23.5.2 and D4

Sometimes, not always, when clicking out of D4 the system hangs. 

After 30+ seconds the system will kinda recover. I get the AMD and sometimes blizzard crash handlers. My main monitor will keep losing signal, over and over with a mini freeze each time, until I reboot. In one case I needed to go into BIOS due to trouble booting which makes me imagine the Adrenalin software is doing something it shouldn't with settings as I dont recall any kind of permission window to allow it to alter hardware settings.

Specs: ** Asus Crosshair TUF x570, Ryzen 5950x, Corsair H1500i AIO, TridentZ 128GB DDR4 3200, Sapphire 7900XT, 48" 4K Samsung 3d & 56" 4k UHD, 2x NVME Sabrent Rocket 2TB Boot, Corsair MP600 Pro 8tb, Seagate 12TB HDD **

I've sent in a few crash reports now. Google tells me I am not the only person experiencing this. Anything specific I can provide to help resolve this sooner as it is quite annoying.

I can provide additional details as requested. Dx Diag, Speccy, etc

** Asus TUF x670E Gaming, Ryzen 7950x, AIO Corsair H150i Elite, TridentZ 192GB DDR5 6400, Sapphire 7900XT, 48" 4K Samsung 3d & 56" 4k UHD, NVME Sabrent Rocket 2TB, MP600 Pro 8tb, MP700 2 TB. HDD Seagate 12TB **

** Corsair Voyager a1600 **
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