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Journeyman III

My system shows black screen when I login after installing latest Ryzen 2200g display drivers

I've tried clean installing almost every drivers, but still get a black screen only after I login. It doesn't happen when I remove those drivers.

Troubleshooting Form

**Computer. Type** : Desktop

**GPU**: No

**CPU**: Ryzen 3 2200g with integrated Vega Graphics.

**Motherboard**: MSI A320m pro vd/s v2

**RAM**: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400mhz 4gb ×2

**Operating System Version**: Windows 10 Pro

**GPU Drivers**: Not installed (Windows 10 pro basic)

**Chipset Drivers**: not installed

**Background Applications**:  none

When the monitor is displaying black screen the num lock, caps lock keys work. I don't believe it's the monitor's fault as it didn't malfunction when I booted in safe mode. I tested it on my TV but still got a black screen. I bought brand new vga cables too. 

I reinstalled my OS and freshly installed the chipset drivers and igpu drivers but I still get a black screen.

But, I found out that if I pull out my vga cable and plug it back in, it works, but after a few activities the black screen appears again (the screen changes to blue if I press ctrl alt del), while I get that the Windows still performs its activities, like if I was watching a film, I still hear the sound. So, it confirms that it is most definitely a driver problem and not a hardware problem.

Please help me. I just wanted to play crysis like I used to play it when I was 11 :(

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