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Journeyman III

My screen record green with the mouse corsor on top

Hi everyone.

For some reason the last 3 updates on radeon software(21.10.2 for me now) update when i try to use the screen record, either the playback or the regular one i can't record at all unless i start on desktop or the record i get is a green screen with my mouse cursor on top with the desktop sound. I did't change anything in my setup or installed any new stuff that could make this behavior from the program so i'm not sure what is causing this.

I tried to stop using wallpaper engine for 2 days now and i'm not having this problem but i would like to know if there is any other solution that i could get since i wanted to keep using that program.

PS: my graphics card is a 5600xt , dunno if it is important or not

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Journeyman III

Having the exact same problem only with the most recent update to 21.10.2. Quiting wallpaper engine does fix it like you said and i have reported the bug in the radeon software program.

Journeyman III

I didn't update my drivers and I'm still at 21.8.2.

It worked nicely, but since 3 days I've the same problem, and I'm unable to record any valuable video or screenshot. I keep recording black sceenshot, or green videos. But sounds is ok.