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Journeyman III

My RX 6800 Windows PC can't boot, screen flickers green with all kind of weird artifacts HELP!


I have a windows 10 with RX 6800 and the latest February 22 drivers

Issue: I was playing a game in 4K as usual when all of the sudden the screen flickers with green colored squares and the system freezes. I rebooted and I was unable to boot the system not matter what. Every time it gets to the windows login, the screen flickers  green squares and other display artifacts constantly. I tried windows recovery, recovery points. NOTHING. 

I ended up wiping out windows and reinstalling windows 10 from scratch (completely wiping out all partitions of the harddriver), as I am setting up windows again as soon as I install the AMD adrenaline software, the screen goes completely wild with artifacts.  The system will not boot again. All kind of display artifacts show on boots screen. I wiped out windows 3 times completely removing ALL partitions (including system partitions), and every time I install  AMD adrenaline software and the AMD drivers take over from the default windows drivers, the entire screen goes wild and the system no longer BOOTS again!! I have tried other displays too.


God God, I have never seen this before. I can not even access anything. What the bloody heck is going on. Any help appreciate it. I have ran out of ideas.


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Journeyman III

Re: My RX 6800 Windows PC can't boot, screen flickers green with all kind of weird artifacts HELP!


Oh my God, I figured out. Enabling/Disabling Adrenaline's FreeSync  on adrenaline (which it seems it did on its own will) triggers my new Vizio 4K to go completely bananas. The system was not frozen, the TV was going insane. Turning off the TV  does not help, you have to unplug it from power for it to work again with this video card in full resolution.

Insane, AMD should test their software better.