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Journeyman III

My RX 560 is not recognizing my Samsung tv

I'm trying to use my Samsung tv on my computer but I'm not receinving any video from the HDMI connection.

When I turn on the computer with the HDMI already on the tv I receive the video, but the display that show is from my monitor, wich is FHD, so I can't use on 4k, when I try to unplug my monitor and plug the tv I don't have any image.

I tried to unninstal the drivers with DDU and the windows recocgnize that the display is Samsung, but when the drivers end the instalation I have a black screen that only disapears when I use the monitor and only apears when the monitor display is recognized.

So for some reason my 560 will not show any image on my Samsung TV when the tv is recognized, I didn't have this problem with my old GTX 760.

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During the constant evolution of Windows 10 much of the monitor setup moved from being controlled by the GPU driver to being controlled by Windows itself. 

I just want to make sure you are setting up your monitors in Windows Settings.

This page shows how to setup multi monitor but it all still applies for a single too. So make sure when you plug you are picking your monitor and adjusting to the resolution and refresh rate you want.

I know sometimes AV equipment can be temperamental with HDMI ports. Often this is due to the DRM features. Often times this can mess with hot plugging. You might have to restart for it to pull the EDID information properly.

If that doesn't help talk to the support department of who made your card. See what advice they have. It is always possible you really do a have a flaky port, but more likely a configuration issue. 

You can also contact AMD support here if you need their help:


Good Luck!

No luck, I tried connecting the TV with an old samsung monitor and I had problem with both, the tv don't show any image and the monitor starts to show some weird statick flicking image, this problems didn't happened with my old gtx and started with the 560.

I will try to contact de support.

anyway, thanks for the help!