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Journeyman III

my Radeon RX 580 is crashing games and I dont know why.

I have an RX 580 And have went through many hurdles to try make my games playable, like getting more ram and uninstalling the driver several times, trying different versions and all that, getting my heat down to 60 on a normal basis, but I'm still crashing on games I shouldn't be crashing in, Like Overwatch for example; the only game I can run without any crashes is league of legends, everything else crashes no matter what my graphics settings are.  I never crash on startup or when I'm afk, always when I'm in and playing. I have

an AMD Ryzen 5 3600

a Micro-Star International Co. Ltd. B550M PRO-VDH WIFI (MS-7C95) (AM4)

and 16g of ram with a 1tb SSD.

I've also updated Bios and chipsets etc., I have no idea what to do, help is very much needed! ty

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