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Journeyman III

My pc wont work with AMD Gpus

Hey, i recently upgraded my gtx 1060 6b to rx 5600 xt(asus dual rx 5600xt), tried some benchmarks in many games and experienced stutters, 1% lows are 10-15-ish fps and my old gtx 1060 we able to run same games on same settings without those stutters. I firstly tried:


SPECS:ryzen 5 3600

-4x4G ddr 4 2400 mhz

-Corsair rm650x

-Gigabyte b550m ds3h rev 1.4

-900p res,win 10,1 tb m2 ssd

  • reinstalling all drivers,

  • checked for updates,

  • ensure my PC is within temp specs (under load 60c CPU/48c GPU).

  • Changed mice

  • Changed monitors,

  • Changed psu from 450w to 650w gold

  • Reinstalled and formatted drives,

  • Freshly installed Windows 10

  • Ensure GPU and Mobo all have the latest bios updates

But nothing worked so i returned it and bought rx 5700 xt(gigabyte aorus 3-fan), same stuff with stutters is happening again. One thing i should also mention is that in ac origins , F1 benchmark shows that gpu usage(with both amds) and temperature is -26456546654 degrees and simmilar silly numbers.

After switching to gtx 1060 games are stable again, if the performance is not enough fps just drop by few frames and 1% lows are pertty stable. Is the motherboard at fault?


Pardon my English..

2 Replies

Re-Size Bar and Above 4G Decoding enabled in BIOS? (CSM would have to be disabled, so IF your boot drive is using MBR, you'd have to convert it to GPT)

ThreeDee PC specs

Enabled it, boot drive is gpt,also tried to disable secure boot but problem is still present, thx for reply tho