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My PC wont boot up with my graphics card installed.

So I pretty much have a budget build right now -

(Ryzen 3 2200g cpu with vega 8 graphics)

(A320 Chipset Motherboard)

(550w PSU)

(8gb ram)

And I just bought a pre owned gpu (asus expedition rx570) for better gaming performance.  When I installed it, the lights lit up on my motherboard and small white light appeared on my rx570. But when I tried turning my pc on it didn't work. And this is what I'm at so far?

Do I need another pin connector for my motherboard because I only have an 8 pin connector which I used for my graphics card (so I could do 4 pin slot for the motherboard to connect and a 8 pin slot for the graphics card too.)

What else was maybe the graphics card was set to its own oc and I could maybe change its settings but dont know how...

But that's all the ideas I've, if anyone has any answers, I'd appreciate it. Thank you

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Did you change mobo bios settings to use the rx570 and connect monitor cable to the card.

Does your psu have a separate PCIe power cable to connect to card, what is make/model of psu.

Card should then work off standard windows drivers, then install amd drivers.

Some more INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION may help someone offer further suggestions.

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