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Adept I

My PC keeps rebooting unless I run it without any GPU drivers

Hello, everybody. I've been struggling recently with a problem that is making me absolutely mad and any help is highly appreciated. Almost 1 month ago I built my very first computer and outside of a fan which came DOA everything went nice and smoothly.

First of all, my specs:

Ryzen 3600x, Asus TUF Gaming x570 plus (WI-FI), G. Skill Trident Z 16gb 3600mhz, RTX 5500 XT (8GB), WD NVMe m2 1tb, thermaltake 650W Gold, Hyper 212 EVO.

I was able to use it without any troubles at all until last Sunday when I had a sudden crash while playing Albion Online. Then it happened again playing Lol. Both very low-demanding games. The pc would just freeze or become supper sloppy and then it would reboot. Then it started rebooting doing simple tasks like browsing the internet or even logging in. There was no GPU drivers update, no windows update, or any device installation prior to these crashes. Completely out of nowhere.

I've been getting a wide variety of errors in event viewer from Kernel-Power 41 to WHEA-logger id 18. The only consistent thing is that the PC would run just fine in safe mode 100% of the time, not a single crash. During this past whole week, I've been trying to do a lot of troubleshooting within my reach and this is what I've discovered so far and what I've done:

-Fresh Windows Install (Didn't Work)

-P95 test (in safe mode) RAM scan, diskcheck. (Every test was successful)

-Tried the /scannow and RestoreHealth lines in cmd and no corruption found.

-Disabled DOCP profile and disable CPU boost (No difference)

-GPU and CPU temperatures are perfectly normal.

-Disabled auto restart after crashes (I just get a couple of blue screens saying something about the AMD drivers but other than that the screens just goes black)

Now, I've narrowed it down to the GPU. I uninstalled the drivers completely using DDU and now the pc is able to work in normal mode WITHOUT any GPU drivers. I've done automatic drivers install as well as manual drivers installation (using the exact same driver version that I've been using flawlessly for a whole month) and the reboots start immediately after installing the Adrenalyn drivers.

Unfortunately, I don't have a spare PSU or GPU to test if it is just a hardware problem and I need to process some RMA or if there is something I'm missing.

What is your opinion about this? The fact that the PC runs just fine w/o GPU drivers suggests that there is something going on with Windows 10 or that mean that the GPU itself is faulty? I'm just very confused about the fact that the system was perfectly stable during a whole month and started having these reboots out of the blue. What else should I try?

Sorry for the long post and every bit of help is immensely appreciated!

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Adept I

any insight on this one? I already tried a previous driver version with no success 


I usually give the advice to reinstall the latest driver with a factory reset and this many times solves many issues, but I don't know if this will help your problem, but it does not hurt trying!

The fix is here. Please read it: