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My pc freezes and screen flickers a little

Okay so I'm a complete noob regarding this, if there is any info that I leave out below please just ask. I will try to provide it as soon as possible.

So yeah as stated in the title my pc freezes regularly, between 5 minutes and once a day. This happens while I play games, watch Youtube or just right now when I typed Youtube.

When it does, I have 2 monitors, both monitors start flickering lighty across horizontal lines or they both go black. I'll drop a Speccy link to show what's inside. 

I've tried, multiple times, to clean and reinstall the gpu drivers. Both with DDU as with AMD cleanup.

So yeah if you know something that might work let me know.

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This issue may occur for two reasons.
1) Graphics card crashes because of hardware error.
2) Using two monitors pushes AMD display driver to fail.

Try the system for a while with a single monitor. If the problem does not occur, you should notify AMD. Because there is a display driver problem. You can send an error report to AMD by following this path.
Radeon Settings > Preferences > Report Issues Online

If the system crashes despite using a single monitor, there is a hardware problem. This problem may be caused by insufficient PSU. Some GPUs are also released with OC. With this kind of GPUs, new drivers sometimes have compatibility issues. Therefore, you should reduce core clock speed of GPU by 100Mhz with WattMan.


Thank you very much. I'll try running it with 1 monitor next week, not at my place earlier, and see how that fairs.


Hello it worked perfectly fine for the weekend and yesterday, monday the 7th.

But this morning started crashing again. Now I have had this for a long time where the crashing happens everytime AMD drops a new driver update and what do you know, new update as a test.

This truely has been happening over a year where it will run fine  and then when AMD has a driverupdate it all of a sudden starts to crash again. Is there anything I can do besides contacting AMD support since I have done that multiple times every time basicly running out the clock to let the ticket expire.



AMD is not installing any drivers....Microsoft is. Anyone with Windows 10 should know to disable/delay Microsoft from changing/installing drivers automatically. 


Screenshot_2019-10-08 AMD Radeon™ R9 390X Drivers Support AMD.png

Nothing gets installed. As far as I know updates are off. It's just as it starts to crash again there's a new driver version released, either recommended or optional.

But if it's the case that windows does download something new, first time hearing that might the issue so thank you, would a clean via either the AMD cleanup tool or DDU and a redownload not work then? Like if thats the case what would be the next step, because I just keep deleting the drivers via those tools and installing again and the crashes keep coming.


The best thing to do is follow some of the steps outlined at Win10 Forum.

Also, when installing new drivers....disconnect from the internet...Windows checks for drivers on computer boot. Use DDU in safe mode (and disconnected from the internet) reboot, and install the new drivers. Reboot and reconnect to the internet.

goodplay‌ has some experience with 390 graphics and may have some suggestions...


Okay just so I got it.

1. download drivers.

2. disconnect from the internet.

3. reboot in safe mode (without network connections)

4. Use DDU to wipe the current drivers.

5. Install the new drivers.

6. Reboot into normal mode.

I'm sorry for the extra step of validation and I much appreciate the help.


5. Install the new drivers.

6. Reboot into normal mode.


Install the new drivers...reboot...reconnect to internet

Just tried that, still got a crash though. Also on the driver version which worked fine before today.


Maybe it's nothing but I'm also noticing that when I finish installing the drivers it doesn't give me the option to restart my pc on the AMD settings program.

It just goes to a web browser saying something like "congratulations you're drivers are now installed".

Yet sometimes I remember it giving me the option to restart straight from the program.


You should see something like this:



This is what it says to me.