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Journeyman III

My PC Crashed and deleted drivers

Ok so I was normally developing my game and suddenly my pc hanged and I couldn't do anything. I restarted the system using the button on my computer's front panel. After it restarted the resolution was in 1024 x 768, I changed it to the default one and then opened blender to do some modelling and that is when I got the notification that my system isn't compatible. I opened Device Manager and saw my CPU was disabled for some reason. I enabled it and it said there is something wrong with the device. I then opened Radeon software to check what is happening, but it said no AMD graphics drivers are installed. So I had to manually download driver files from google and then it started running fine.

I just want to know what caused this problem to delete the driver files.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2200g(vega 8 graphics)

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Adept II

Happened to me yesterday. AMD Drivers, weren't deleted, but in the Device Manager (WIn 10) the GPU was disabled so the Microsoft Generic Graphics driver was loaded. I had to tun on the GPU in the device manager and reboot for the AMD drivers to load again. 

This happened when I was playing Ubisoft's Ghost Recon breakout. Got a black screen and had to reboot dur to the driver not recovering.

After rebooting, my resolution went from 5120x1440 to 1028x728 and the GPU was disabled.

Using the AMD graphics driver last 4/21 release.

yup it just happened to me rn


do not use the last drive it is broken AF use 21.3 or older  version 


Thank yo so much for the solution


Problem still persists and looking around the forum, nobody from AMD seems to bother even responding. Very nice.

Adept I

I'm having the exact same problem, and I am losing my mind. I try to play a game, any game, and I lose all video output. Screens turn black, whatever sound was going before continues and system becomes unresponsive. I forcefully reboot and the drivers and Radeon software sometimes are gone. Windows is up to date, the drivers get updated, I've used DDU to completely remove any old drivers and it still crashes.  

I have uninstalled chrome and firefox before reinstalling the drivers, I took it all apart and cleaned everything. I tried old drivers, I tried new drivers. I disabled avast and anything else not necessary. I have an i5-4690k with 5700xt on a gigabyte motherboard. I even checked event logs and the only critical error is the unexpected reboot


So after some more digging I saw someone suggested updating my vbios, and so far it appears to be working. For good measure I uninstalled steam and all my games before trying anything. Redownload and opened up valheim and played a bit, no problems. Trying a couple more games but looks to have maybe fixed it. Fingers crossed

Nope didn't work. I'm stumped


Same problem. I can only assume it is caused by the latest drivers. One thing I noticed is that it seems to affect 3D games only, or at least games that somewhat get the GPU going. Playing Underrail is fine, playing Dakka Squadron (3D but far from high end graphics requirements) is not.

I'll try to downgrade and see if that does anything.


Downgraded to 21.3.1, took the card out and made sure it was free of dust and sat properly in the slot (Why WOULDN'T it though?) and still getting crashes.


I used the driver suite to allow for more power to the GPU and switched my W10 settings to Ultra Performance and haven't had a crash so far. 


Well scratch that, I thought I found the issue but it just crashed again. It's NOT a GPU load issue, it is NOT a power issue, it is NOT a driver issue. 



to fix you crashes do this


also make separate fan speed profile for the game that have crashes make sure they are above 50%ssss.jpg


This is happening to me to and im going insane i havent found a way to fix it i guess just dont turn off the pc ? when my pc crashes i turn it back on and reinstall the drivers before the monitors lose signals 


Adept III

Take ur ram out,,, clean the pins and re-insert... ur welcome...


INTEGRATED USED RAM as in ur sticks of ram so the communication is 4 times as much as normal CPU to ram... so they can get oxidized FAST.

Journeyman III

I had the same issue twice in the last week. first time it crashed during a game so I re-installed it, the second time it happened today and I was just streaming Netflix for like 1 hour at this point only had steam opened in the background no game running and it crashed and deleted all drivers. It is pretty annoying specially sense I just upgraded to a 6900XT.


I just had this happen to me. I was playing Hell Let Loose and the screen went black. After I restarted the PC the adrrnaline software was not starting automatically and when I did it said my hardware wasnt compatible with the current drivers or something along those lines. I reinstalled the software and the drivers and now it's working again. I'm going to see if it happens again or experiment with other games