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My monitor say no signal when my pc is running after updating to the latest drivers

Hey guys idk if this is just happening to me, but when i updated the lastes graphics driver when i open any game my pc would turn off like the monitor shows no signal, but the pc is running and idk if it is because of the driver i updated or its a faulty hardware in my pc even though i only had this pc for 6 months. 

Pls tell me that this problem is because of the driver from AMD and there finding a problem.


PC specification:

CPU-Ryzen 5 2600


Motherboard-Aorus b450-elite



Only had the pc for 6 months

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Can you see the POST screen or BIOS menu when initially powered on.. and only cuts out at Windows login..? Or absolutely 0 output to screen..? 

If nothing at all, check cables and internal power connectors and reseat all cards, RAM, etc. 

If display only drops out in WIN try doing a restore or repair, safe mode boot and reset all graphic settings.  

It shows no signal while my pc is on and the only way to get back to window is to reset pc.

I can login into windows, it’s when I open any game or leave my pc on for a while it will show a black screen while pc is running

So it doesn't show as cable unplugged / No signal detected..? Just blacked display..?

Have tried different cable / display port?

Could also try unplugging then connecting the display cable.. My RX 570 when I pushed the OC. a little far or had to restart unexpectedly the display would show no signal  until either video cable was unplugged and plugged in again or it reached the  WIN login 4K HDR activated..

Not sure if it's trait of the Vid card, Windows or the display.. but forced restarts obviously skipped some signal / step that told the display to drop of of 4K HDR and back to whatever res POST / boot displays in..

Does NUM lock / sound or alike still work when display cuts out? Or is everything frozen / unresponsive? 

Try seeing if CAPS still turns on and off when display goes and if so try a blind restart.. if it was idle @ desktop try ALT+F4, down arrow once, then enter.. or "ctrl+alt+del, press TAB 8 times then enter down key twice and enter

And see if it restarts Windows and displays again..

.... Another thought too... If you have a spare drive or large enough USB stick you could unplug your current OS drive and try a test install of Windows on a spare HD or even fair sized USB STICK.. if nothing available with enough GB could even create a Linux boot stick and see if any of the problems still happen.. if yes then most likely not  a driver / software issue. 

Depending on skill / Windows knowledge you could check any admin logs / error reports for any extra info or hint..

--- Most of these should come up if you search admin tools on the Start Menu ---

Start, type..: reliability mon and should point to reliability monitor..

Admin Tools.png


Start,  type - sysinfo    expand software environment, then Windows error reporting

Start , type - event viewer and especially look at any critical and error level events that stand out or have recurring entries..

Start - system configuration  has options for diagnostic start up, enable basic logging start.. There's also a logged boot option, basic or base..? video boot mode, safe or minimal boot option and individual control of startup service packages. etc.