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Journeyman III

My integrated graphics drivers keep crashing

I have a asus g14 ryzen 7 5800hs 16gb of ram rtx 3050ti laptop(144 hz 1080p panel). I bought it 2 months ago. At first I noticed local flickering in youtube videos (this did not happen when I plug an external monitor) and flashing texts when scrolling (not when stationary). And 1 week ago amd driver crashes became a thing. When I am in a zoom meeting, overall performance of my pc is reduced, and eventually out of nowhere my graphics driver crashes. The screen turns off and comes back on 2 seconds later and occasionally keeps crashing until I reinstall the graphics drivers(in the reliability history it identifies the crash as hardware error). This happened for a while and I found a solution. I changed the 3d graphics setting from integrated graphics to high performance nvidia graphics and this seemed to solve the issue with zoom. But the amd driver corruption issue got worse. And the local screen flickers started to become everywhere and it is quite annoying.  I tried deleting and reinstalling the drivers. This usually solved the issue for a short period of time. A day after I reinstalled the drivers , when I try to open amd radeon software it says, your drivers are not compatible. So I reinstall the drivers again... same issue a day after. I need to solve this problem if it is software related because I am a student and I attend zoom lectures everyday and need my computer at all times. I will send it to warranty if that is my ony choice left . I would be glad if someone can help.

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Journeyman III

I've got the same problem here.

ASUS TUF Gaming A15

AMD Ryzen 7 5800H

Geforce RTX 3060


I keep getting infrequent black screens - the issue is accelerated whenever someone is screensharing.  Interestingly, it seems to happen more when people screen share with me rather than when I do it myself.


Can someone sort this out?  I've already reinstalled the drivers and done a clean install.  This is clearly an exsiting software bug.  AMD needs to take their eye off games for a second and realise people also use their products for work and that it needs to be compatible with the WORLD'S MOST USED VIDEO-CONFERENCING PROGRAM.

Journeyman III

Did you ever found a solution? I have the same problem with my Zephyrus G14 and is driving me crazy. I tried a lot of different things without success.

Adept II

I think Win update is reinstalling/overwriting your driver, it happened to me with my Lenovo r7 4800h laptop.
Try hiding the update after reinstalling the good driver.