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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

My hd 7870 gigabyte model wont display anything after installing drivers

I made this account just because of this, I was playing cs:go and my screen started flickering and then turned black. I restarted my pc and it went into the bios but it didn't want to boot into Windows. So I booted the pc from the igpu and ddu'd all of my amd and intel graphics drivers and updated the bios. everything seemed to work booted into windows and everything and then I tried to install the drivers for the gpu. Same thing I repeated this process multiple times trying other drivers older ones and newer ones, I even tried a tv. The only option left is a flash of the gpu but the software that I'm using (amdvbflash) is very buggy because I'm using an older version. My friend tried to help me but he has no idea how to fix it. And now I'm here seeking help ( theres a similar thread from 2016 same gpu and same problem ).