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Journeyman III

My graphic drivers are stopping working then they come back up. I tried to install newest drivers but it doesnt worked because my screen was black. Please help me.

My Graphic card drivers are stopping working when i turn on any game or application like Steam etc. What Can I do, please for fast help.

Graphic card: AMD Radeon R9 M37 , Notebook Lenovo 51-70, Intel Core i5.

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This is the latest driver for your R9 3xxx series mobile Laptop GPU driver: Mobile

Make sure your Intel Chipset is up to date. I notice there is a Intel Chipset from 2017 for your laptop.

This is how you install the AMD Driver with an Intel APU:Laptop graphics update...How to

Try this basic method of uninstalling and reinstalling AMD Drivers.

First download the correct Full AMD driver set from AMD Support for your Desktop

Make sure your Windows 10 is fully updated via Windows Update (including Optionals).

Disconnect the Internet from your computer to prevent it from installing a different GPU Driver than the one you are installing.

Use Windows 10 Uninstall to uninstall all AMD Drivers and software. Then use DDU in safe mode to completely eliminate all traces of the old AMD drivers and software related to the GPU.

Delete C:\AMD Folder. This prevents New and Old AMD driver files from installing and corrupting the installation process.

After rebooting from DDU, Reinstall the new AMD Full set of drivers. If it installed correctly, again delete C:\AMD folder to save Hard Disk space and reconnect to the Internet.

How to configure the switchable Laptop Graphics: Configuring Laptop Switchable Graphics on a Windows® Based System


In your control panel once drivers are loaded for gaming & stream set the AMD card to take control over the Intel integrated solution. Get into the gloabal settings in the radeon panel & set it in global to take control of the main graphics settings. Sometimes with the 10 updates many drivers are downloaded simutaniously to you windows updates. Sometimes after an update which I have struck with 10 need to go digging to download the correct chipset driver to suit to & being on Laptop swtchable graphics sometimes need to manually load up chipset drivers first before trying to load up graphics driver have had simular issues in the past with laptops on switchable graphics cards trying to get the correct 1 booting in harmony to correclt take over the process you intending it for.