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My games keeps getting pixelated like the picture and a few seconds latWhy does this keep happening?

My games keeps getting pixelated like the picture and a few seconds later it crashes. It happens in all my games. I reverted back to 20.11.2 because it kept happening on 20.11.3 but it black screened in overwatch saying the driver device was not recognized or something like that. It's so frustrating to have it happen like 1 in 2 plays. Does anyone have an idea of why this is happening? (The picture) 

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Try running DDU graphics uninstaller:  in "safe mode" after the program installs.

Install driver version 20.8.3 : AMD Radeon™ RX 5600 XT Previous Drivers | AMD 

I know it says RX 5600 XT, you didn't list your card but this driver should be the same for whatever you're running the 20.11.3 driver on.

This driver is the same for many AMD cards and you can search from that page for your exact card to be sure. The November drivers seem to have plenty of issues like what you describe. 

"It worked before you broke it!"

Alright, and thanks for the advice. I was already using ddu to install/uninstall drivers so I will download the 20.8.3 version tomorrow and see if it works. Thanks a lot.


I just experienced a similar thing in overwatch. I had discord open so do you think that is the reason?


Did you install the 20.8.3? If so I need more info, like PC specs. Specifically the card, PSU, motherboard make, CPU, RAM. If it di the thing in that image from yesterday, it could be a power supply issue or a defective card. But more info would help. No Discord didn't do it.

"It worked before you broke it!"

I did install 20.8.3 and a similar thing happened. The card is the MSI Gaming X 5600xt, the motherboard is the MSI B550 A-Pro, 32GB of Team T-Force Delta RGB ram. It was similar except parts of my screen were either green, blue or red, the lower half was black, and it freezes the screen for a few seconds before saying an error message that says "Rendering device lost! Closing application" and exiting the game. The Blizzard launcher become blank except for the close and minimize buttons and they turn into Windows 7 close and open icons. I did have MSI Afterburner open which I saw on their page that it might cause some issues. Also my windows bar turns transparent and the type here to search turns white for a few seconds after.

It looks like this 


Check your PSU by swapping it or using HWiNFO and GPUZ stress test, look at the power draw in amps/watts. If it glitches and the power is ok, RMA the card. That model card by MSI has quite a few complaints. 3 eggs on newegg. MSI isn't the "gold standard" of GPU makers as of late.

"It worked before you broke it!"

This might fix it


I commented on YouTube about your video. Ancient Gamers, Jayz Two Cents, and Gamers Nexus all kind of helped blend my solution into one that works for a lot of folks with 5000 series cards and they get to keep the full functionality of the driver.

Like Jayz idea was to simply install just the driver, not the package and use 3rd party options to control the clocks and fan like Afterburner. That was ok but I liked the 20% image Sharpening and I got a FreeSync monitor so I needed the package. Fabio from Ancient Gamers pointed out what seems to be the best driver version without compromises and he runs a RX 5700 XT. Using the fix I just posted, all is good for 3 solid months as far as driver related crashes or game crashes relating to drivers.

I didn't bother mentioning the undervolting of the GPU to ease the heat without losing power or the more aggressive fan curve because I wanted the OP to have as basic fix as possible. Especially since OP said he doesn't game much.

I added a registry key to stop auto update vs. using a 3rd party program. However, one needs to remember to run Windows Update once a day for Defender to be up to date. Defender is the top most rated anti-virus for 2020 amazingly.

I also found that by disabling Windows Automatic Update, it really didn't gain performance. I suppose if it were to try to update while running a game it might cause some FPS drop. You can schedule update to only run at a given time too. I'm more hands on, so manual is fine for me.

You might want to give 20.8.3 a try as well. Try my partially borrowed method, it works. No factory reset, ripping chipset drivers out risking data loss. DDU works fine, use CCleaner to verify that. My comment wasn't meant to dis your video. I'm sure it took some time to compile and we all have ideas that may or may not work in regards to AMD drivers. We can all agree they need improvement in many ways. 

"It worked before you broke it!"

@mackbolan777 Blocking window update will not boost anything we use that software to disable other things that use windows resource also with registry you can't disable windows medic windows won't allow you to do it . Risking data lose ? You will not lose anything other then AMD custom settings . Yes we all hope they will fix it one day and we don't have to go around looking for fix 😊. 


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WaaSMedicSvc set DWORD to 1, must take ownership of that key by right click, properties, security, add, search "your user name", allow all, apply. That's if WAAS really bugs ya. My Windows Update key change was suggested by a Microsoft official site when someone asked about their game crashing. So the moderator told him to make the registry change and that it might add a few FPS. I tried it, no increase as my PC was only updating once a day at a time when I'm not usually gaming. Or I would have already manually updated stopping the task clock. Either way, I found impact of that Windows service minimal to non-issue.

I really don't like those service editing programs like "O&O shutup" type stuff. "O&O shutup" highjacked my browser, exposed my private IP, shutdown Quad9 by inputting it's own DNS, and made all the requested changes without triggering UAC, which shows it's a high risk app to begin with. I stopped using IObit stuff as well, and do all the same stuff manually. The only 3rd party "cleaner" I use is CCleaner and DDU when needed. Out of curiosity who is "we" that you reference in using that app in your video?

I rely on my 20+ years sales/service of PC's, primarily AMD based builds running my own business experience and gaming semi-professionally from 2006-2010. People really should learn the basics of navigating the registry, making their own changes as these 3rd party apps can really get out of hand, adding possible bloatware, nothing is truly free, "easy" doesn't mean right and learning this stuff is not that hard.

Data loss could occur and I have lost an OS by uninstalling the AMD chipset driver to update it because once Windows installs, that driver becomes hard coded and no longer updates for some reason. So uninstalling that caused my SSD to no longer be bootable, Windows "start-up repair" couldn't do it and even "reset this PC" failed due to the UUID not matching the original driver. So I saved "my documents" (game settings and such store there), "my pictures", "videos", etc. using a dock/flash drive connected to my laptop. Reinstalled the OS and redownloaded tons of games, a real pain in the butt over a driver.

Why people claim DDU fails to remove AMD settings does not make sense. Unless you have Afterburner or something similar and fail to uninstall that prior to the driver, DDU gets it all, audio too if you check that box. That's where using CCleaner can quickly look for leftovers in the registry, usually there's none. I won't say "never", because then someone will post they found leftovers.

For as many years we all have complained about AMD drivers now, they will never be fixed. Mainly because at least today's video driver's cover 4-6 years worth of cards. My confidence in the way they code them has long ago waned. I think we will always need to read the release notes and determine for ourselves whether a driver update has a benefit we need, like new game support or genuine fix. I noticed in the releases there's 12 fixes/added support items to 10 known issues that are usually the same one's plaguing us all. That's why with this card, since there's nothing of value added past the 20.8.3, I stick with it. The most stable is the 20.4.2 but it lacks support for a few games and has a few bugs I didn't care for in it.

AMD needs to separate the driver packages into ones that supports Big Navi, Navi , then one for older Ellesmere, and so on GPU's. Possibly refine or get rid off some of the post processing options as well. I mean 400+MB is a healthy size driver package, with animations, advertising, auto-updates enabled from the start, hardware updater checker, a bit much. If one's not savvy enough to trim off the "fat", it tends to clog the "arteries" with too much extra non-sense that runs in the back round. Far worse than Windows back round apps which most of us disable all but security anyway. Windows services I disable via "computer management", so I keep only what I need on. A lot of this is fact, some is opinion in this post. :smileyhappy:

"It worked before you broke it!"