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Journeyman III

My games color just turn into blue

So I just updated my driver which is AMD A6-7400 k Radeon R5 and download the new version of AMD Radeon software which i think it was adrenaline 2020(?). After installing it, then i tried to open my game which dota 2 I notice that the logo just became from red to blue one and at the menu, some of the areas were turn into blue. Next one is the Genshin Impact, now the game just turn again into blue like the icons of their skill was blue and the hair of the characters too, and it kinda had some orange and yellowish with too. I thought by uninstalling the driver would help mebfix the problem but the game is now lagging then i tried to install it hopping that it would be fix but didn't. So fellow gamers i kinda need your help with this, hoping for your support

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