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My friends' m17x r3 AMD Graphics driver missing?

So this is kind of a old laptop, almost 6 years. He got it with windows 7 and ended up upgrading to windows 10. Anyways he didn't seem to have any issues and could play games on average settings. But one day he turned his laptop on and noticed his windows resolution was 1280x800 or something and that his amd drivers were gone. Like right clicking on desktop and selecting the amd task would give him an error saying drivers were missing.

He ended up doing a factory reset and keeping his personal files. After that, the resolution got fixed but downloading amds auto detect drivers will not detect anything and won't install any drivers. I even gave him the dell drivers for his laptop from the website which only installs some sdk and the installation size ends up being 60 mb out of a 400 mb driver download.

I even sent him this link and after installing, it says everything is updated and only installs 60 mb.

This is what happens after installation

Could someone tell me what to do? I'm trying to help him but I can't even figure it out. I'm thinking either go back to windows 7 or do a full wipe and start new.

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