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Journeyman III

My fan control does not work. Zero RPM cannot be overruled.

I was using driver 20.2.1 and noticed my GPU was always getting hot, and fans weren't on. I check my fan settings, and find I have Zero RPM off, with advanced settings on, and the drivers don't seem to care. I go to update my drivers, and read up on past release notes. AMD seems to think they've solved this problem.

I am at drivers 20.4.1 now, and this problem is not solved. I set up a new advanced fan profile, and it seemed to work. Restart the computer, and it doesn't work. Seems to also be the case when it's woke up from sleep. I've tried other suggestions, like turning advanced controls off and on. I also tried turning Zero RPM off and on. Even switched between automatic tuning and manual, which made things weird, as when I turned on manual, and tried to change fan tuning, it kept switching it back to disabled.

I also tried applying changes between turning any setting off, and then on.

The card is a MSI RX 580. I don't even have MSI Afterburner installed to try to keep conflicts to a minimum. If I had to choose, I'd much rather use MSI Afterburner, especially given this is a MSI card. Unfortunately if I install AMD drivers, I get their bloated Radeon Software. Once upon a time you could elect to not install the control panel, but then that effectively eliminated making profiles for games, as MSI Afterburner doesn't offer that.

This is a ridiculous problem, that heats up my office, and has been going on for months. My office is also where my baby hangs out with me to watch videos, and the heat is definitely felt by a baby more than an adult. It seems like something simple, and a first priority. But then again, maybe this is AMD's strategy to earn more market share. Force the user's cards to burn up, and then they'll have to buy another card.

If that happens, I'm switching back to your competitor.

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