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my config.ini files stop working properties show came from other computer UNBLOCK checkbox

So what causes this and how do i fix it and prevent it from happening?

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A stab in the dark, windows update delivery optimization (from other pc on the network or internet) settings?

Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3600c16dgtzn kit, Aorus gen4 1tb, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850, Win.10 Pro..

I checked the unblocked tickbox for them and they didnt come back for a while, but im surprised that download from my dad/mums pc or neighbours or whoever over here being the default setting, what if my wifi password hadnt been reset and some guy drove past and his laptop updated my windows or something with a modified version? if its not the default, why would i turn it on? my parents never update and freak out when it asks them about it .. but i had reinstalled a bunch lately and not gone through every setting every time and i sure as heck arent going to spend months to do a single automated install when a windows preview/beta insider will change that setting/option and im better off just getting a full newer insider/release ISO anyway. How to create an unattended installation of Windows 10 | Windows Central

far less months of tedious die of microsoft being decades behind the times retards would be for me to just script in powershell to remove apps/packages after ive installed rather than sysprep and iso.. but yeah sycnex windows debloater on sourceforge or similar, you know it doesnt maybe do the privacy options and since i've MS gamepass for PC and download install some of my microsoft app store games i gotta leave the microsoft gaming services and stuff in there and some insider features complain if its not somehow group policying your computer into the dark ages and insists i share data and stuff while constantly signed into microsoft account. if i sign out and use local computer its a different experience with different quality graphic and different performance levels.. its bad or worse take your pick.

but heres hoping that fixed it.. that was honestly better trying rather than not. if only i could force windows to verify itself on the updates server without that stupid cab file repository and lame tedious stuff.. SFC and DISM just dont ever fix ANYTHING, a new insider preview often does.. funny that.