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Journeyman III

my computer randomly restarts when i'm playing games (rx 5700 xt SAPPHIRE NITRO+)

Hello everyone, I need help regarding this issue, since I can not find a solution.
Buy a complete pc with the following features.



Monitor: samgung g73sx with freesyng 144hz 1 ms.
case: inwin 101 white Cooling: cooler master masterliquid ml240l rgb Power supply: certified RIOTORO 600W White (changed to rule out a supply problem for an evga 750w plus gold).
Windows  Versión          10.0.19042 compilación 19042


Problem: When I am playing any type of game (of any requirement) a restart is generated at a random time of use, it can be at the beginning or at the end, at 10 minutes or 2 hours, then when it happens and I reopen everything, it does not restart again. I emphasize that this reboot has no errors, no blue screens, it is a sudden reboot.

- Attempts to solve the problem:
1) Power supply change to evga 750w plus gold / problem continued.
2) formatting and reinstalling drivers / didn't work.
3) installing old / stable amd drivers did not work
4) undervolt / did not work
5) Change of extension cords, power cables, etc / It did not work.
After this, I performed tests on the components obtaining the following results:
1) Ram memory test, no problems
2) Test hard drives, no problem
3) Test to graphics card and pc in general.

  3.png1111.png22222.pngprueba de esfuerzo 3.png

Well the stress tests came out positive and did not show abnormality, the temperatures do not feel that they are that high for a computer of this size.

The truth is that it makes it very difficult for me to keep this happening, since I tried hard to buy this computer and I don't want this problem to get worse if the graphics card is the problem.
Thank you all for reading and I hope a hand. Regards.


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