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Adept I
Adept I

Re: multi gpu support

Well i have to thank you both at AMD for answering ozhaveruk question regarding support for more than 8 gpus.

Although your answer was like: We answered your question so don't come back before we update this thread.

Now i am going to give my honest opinion why Radeon Group treats the common miner like annoying gum under their shoe.

Seems to be little to no communication regarding the needs of miners although you make a piles of money off of miners.

Mining is here to stay and if you do not adapt to this new market and start drive development of new requested features i can bet you nVidia will.

Yes, you released a BlockChain driver BUT at the same time you stated this is beta and it will not be coming any updates.

Well that is like throwing the dog a dry bone and letting it starve in the backyard even though he is making you lots of money.

All that miners do is buy your product and make you money, if you have a problem with that you should exit the gpu market.

You should REALLY have an internal discussion how to make the most of ordinary at home miners. REMEMBER that 90% of these miners are also gamers.

1. Better communication to work on new features for the mining community with the mining community

2. Make a BlockChain driver with updates every 4 months ( that is only 3 times a year)

Is this really so hard, taking care of the customers that make you money?!

I heard that lots of people saying miners are screwing up the market by buying gpus, if you find this to be true you have a real problem.

Most manufacturers would kill for a opportunity where their market explodes with growth and expands their sales.

Sure mining does not have the comforting stability of the gaming market BUT it is up to you to adapt to this new market and capitalize from it as much as possible.

You should ask your shareholders what they think you should do BUT you already know the answer to that, make them money!!!

Don't treat miners like they have leopards, embrace and make the most out of the opportunity before nVidia pulls the rug from under you feet and you lose it all.

At home mining market is a tremendous opportunity and if you are active in this market you could even drive it to create more demand by working with the community with new features and optimizations.