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Journeyman III

MSI X470 GAMING PRO CARBON + Ryzen 3600 + RX 5700


I spent the day trying to figure out why my MSI X470 GAMING PRO CARBON wont work with my new SAPPHIRE PULSE Radeon RX 5700. I get BSOD after installing any (both older and newer versions) graphics driver for the GPU.

I have the newest Bios Update (7B78v2B1), fresh Windows 10 (64 bit) install with all updates, Chipset driver and everything. It turns out, that it is the CPU causing the problem. When i use the system with my AMD Athlon 200GE everything works fine. When i put in the new Ryzen R5 3600 the system starts to crash while booting up (no other hardware or software changes).

As other users have reported, the Ryzen 3000 processor is trying to force PCIE Gen4 at the motherboard, which it cant handle, and therefore crashes.

I found a workaround by using the last PCIE slot of the motherboard, which communicates with PCIE 2.0 via the chipset (PCH). In this configuration everything works. I can install the latest GPU driver with no problem.

I thereofre think it is the Adrenalin software (actually the GPU driver) which tries to force the PCIE 4.0 as soon as it detects a Ryzen 3000 gen processor.

I would really like to see a fix for this. Does anybody know which component is exactly causing the problem? Could it have to do with the BIOS?

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Journeyman III

Having very similar problems myself. Occasionally games will black screen for a few seconds or I will get serious performance issues/ crashes during normal tasks (chrome discord etc) I havent moved my card to the bottom slot yet as im afraid it might get too hot that close to the bottom of my case but I might give it a shot. I've also experienced my Display Port monitor randomly crashing and not working until I restart a few times. I often switch between ports daily due to this

Edit: I have the same exact parts listed above except I have the MSI 5700 xt

Adept I

I have msi x470 pro carbon gaming(with latest bios 7B78v2B) with 5700xt pulse and ryzen 3700x. I am using 19.9.2  driver and I have no info from wattman. Sometimes bsod occures on start up windows or while I am using firefox(disable hardware acceleration helps to prevent it) or playing in games with version. Also I have bad sound from my monitor via DP or HDMI cables.

But I can't set my video card in bottom slot because my case don't have enoguh space... Do you has same troubles after install video card to the bottom slot?

Edit: I set in bios PCI Gen 2 generation for my first slot and now I get info from wattman and have sound from monitor... I don't understand where is problem... In bios or driver? May be we should write in MSI support to fix that? I will test my bios settings to bsod appearens.


I think problem in bios. When I set auto detection PCI gen I have the troubles, but if I specifiy it manually (Gen3 or Gen2) the throubles are gone. Just specify generation in bios for your pci slot.


what exact settings do I have to change? I'm rather new to the whole pc building scene and im not super knowledgeable. I changed the first two to gen 3 but i wasn't sure about the 3rd setting or any of the remaining ones


I set my video card in first PCI slot.
In bios: Advanced ->PCI subsystem settings -> PCI_E1 - max link speed -> GEN3

Adept I

Just try to update the BIOS.. MSI updated in 24th september... before this, i have the same problem like you.. if you already update adn didnt work.. just try to change the vga brand, because now i use the powercolor reference one.. and its work normaly 

Adept I

I had a similar problem. Chipset driver resolved when uninstalled. but this time I started getting blue screen errors.