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Re: MSI R9 390, Driver crashing, Help

Sorry man but I don't understand what you are saying.

In response to the "Nvidia Sisters" part. I have one, a 560ti, works fine in all games/apps/operating systems and DirectX versions so no, its not anything like this 390x.

Adept I

Re: MSI R9 390, Driver crashing, Help

So basically the main problem is windows 10 right? Cause if that's it, I'm down-grading to windows 8.1


Re: MSI R9 390, Driver crashing, Help

This is Sapphire for you, their ticket system is so annoying, you have to log in about 10 times and hit reply just about as many times just to be able to type something, then you write what you want hit submit and it opens a new window and logs you out and deletes all you wrote.  Tried different browsers, computers, so yeah.

Anyway, I got so annoyed with them and the garbage responses and no help so go ahead and read, this is the conversation with their so called "Tech Support".  What a many times does one have to repeat themselves and answer the same questions only to get asked the same thing the next time round.

*Note, read from the bottom up as to follow the message timeline in the correct order.

Wow, please provide your full name and contact information as well as that of your supervisor so I can get in touch with somebody of authority and the power to really help.

You obviously have no interest to help, do not read the forums with all the people who have exactly the same issue and repeating the same generic response of RMA'ing something which will not solve the problem is a waste of everybody's time.

Plus this ticket system where one needs to sign in 10 times and hit reply 5 times just go get it to work is getting tiresome.

2015-9-22 [02:20]

well the driver we offer does work with the card, i have no idea why its not working for you, If the card is defective we can help with RMA request. So let us know what your decsion is so we can move forward.

2015-9-19 [12:37]

There is no point exchanging an inherently flawed product for the same thing, the problem is with the drivers. The time expired because I myself and others were hoping AMD would resolve the issue and thus far they have not. How is that that fault of the consumer? I also have not had the card for 30 days, I had to wait for a friend to bring it down to South America, Chile to be exact, there is no proper support system down here in Chile, all the shops import directly from the US so if I had purchased from here there would be the same problem, they do not accept returns here either.

2015-9-19 [08:04]

So you have own the card over 30 days, well there isnt much i can do, refund is out of the question, asking for Fury for exchange is also out of the question, onlything i can do is get your card back and test it on our end to find out what exactly is wrong with it and offer an exchange. I dont have other options i can offer you as of now.

2015-9-19 [07:55] on 7/16/2015.

I tried contacting them but they can't do anything because its out of the 30 days period and even then its not a refundable item only exchangeable if it is defective. They could only offer a $130 store credit.

2015-9-19 [06:35]

Where and when did you purchase your card?

2015-9-19 [06:18]

Thanks but I have already done that. They say they are working on a fix but I have yet to hear whether it is only for a few specific titles or all DX11 titles which is the real issue.

Sure, one can wait for a fix but in the meantime it has been months since the card was released with these issues, I wanted to start an avenue for a real fix ie. exchanging the card for one what has drivers now which work (from hundreds of posts on various forums it seems any non R9 300 series will do).

A consumer shouldn't have to buy a card and wait an undetermined period of time for the manufacturer to sort out the issue meaning AMD in this case, they have to do that before releasing the product.

This problem is affecting all 300 series owners, not just ones manufactured from Sapphire.

2015-9-19 [04:29]

I will forward your information directly to AMD, i will have their Engineer check out the issue you are having with this card. I will get back to you when i get a feedback from them.

2015-9-19 [03:01]

I get my information from having the actual problem, having performed extensive testing on various operating systems and application combinations with various versions of DirectX, putting the results in a table and submitting to AMD.

Have you gone to the forum thread and read all the problems people are having? The card only works reliably for DirectX 9 and 10 titles in all windows versions, not at all for DirectX 11 in Windows 10 due to the hardware assisted acceleration in the graphical user interface and in Windows 7 and 8 it works only in DX11 if you have no other application running at the same time that uses hardware acceleration such as a web browser.

One cannot comment on DirectX 12 yet because there are no DX12 titles to run in order to perform testing.

Of course AMD is not going to issue a recall, they hope to eventually resolve the issue in a driver update. In the meantime people like myself are stuck with something that does not work in Windows 10 for any modern game title that uses DX11.

I purchased the card from Newegg but it is beyond the 30 days return period.

People who have already exchanged their cards in RMA processes, that will not help, they have done so up to 3 times each time getting back a card that as far as hardware is concerned works but if the drivers do not work then that makes the card overall useless.

2015-9-19 [02:24]

i am not sure where yo uare getting yoru information from, but our cards do support DX11 and now the latest which is DX12.  Either your card is defective or something else is causing this issue with your system. The R9 300 series has been selling for sometime now, if this issue is like you have describe AMD would need to have done a recall and stop selling these cards. And sorry we will not be able to offe a Fury as replacement if your card is defective. By the way where is your card purchased from?

2015-9-19 [02:09]

Ok, I am finally able to reply using Internet explorer on a third computer. The support system is indeed buggy, not working with chrome.

Please read my submission entirely, not just the first line where I requests a refund due to desperation with a product not working.

The product is indeed inherently defective due to still not having drivers from AMD that work. Without functioning drivers the card is useless.

2015-9-19 [01:55]

Where and when was this card purchased? you need to go back to your original place of purchase for this request, we do not offer refund request only support and replacement if the card is defective.

2015-9-19 [01:53] 

vvv Start reading from here vvv

I need to know how to return this card and get a full refund. The seller will not refund. The issue is that this card never should have been brought on the market in its current state, it does not work with DirectX 11 in Windows 10 at all without constant driver crashes (no matter which driver version) and it does not work with DirectX 11 titles in previous Windows versions either if anything other than the game is running that requires 3d acceleration. The fault is of AMD and their drivers, they know about the issue and have yet to resolve it. Look at post #460 which is mine over on the AMD support forums. It is unacceptable to sell a graphics card that only works properly on DirectX 10 or earlier titles, games which are many years old, nothing new works. The 390x is also nothing new, it has been in development for a while and is only a slight variation on the 290x. Windows 10 has also been available to end users for well over a year and to developers even longer. For an AMD card to be released in this state is unbelievable. I am no longer in the US, I have moved down to Chile in South America. If I was in the US and had purchased from a retailer such as Amazon that accepted returns I would have already returned the card to buy something that works. I am sorry if I come across a bit harsh but for me to spend over $400 on a product that does not work like it should is not acceptable. I am not the only one, read the forums, people are so angry, those who are lucky enough to be able to return the card to their place of purchase are doing so. Unfortunately, I am not in the same position. Please note that an RMA for the same model card will not resolve the issue. This issue is inherent so far on the R9 3xx series and with DX11 which is any game title released in the last 6 years. The 290x does not have this problem and neither does the R9 Fury series. I would also like to discuss the opportunity to exchange this for the Sapphire R9 Fury which has been reported by people on the same AMD forum as working fine and not having the same issue. If I had known about the problem with the 390x I would have never purchased it. This is my first upgrade of a graphics card in many years and took a lot of saving to acquire. Please assist me in resolving this issue. In the meantime I have put in my old Nvidia 560ti just so I can continue to play and use my system although it is very much slower. For proof of the problem one simply needs to read the forum posts I have linked above, again, mine is #460 in the thread. I am also attaching a PDF file that includes the contents of the post. Remember, the issue is with ANY DX11 title, not just FFXIV benchmark which is what I focused on for testing. This is stated several times in the document. Thank you and kind regards.

^^^ Start reading from here ^^^

Re: MSI R9 390, Driver crashing, Help

Asus was arguing with me about it as well. Like you mentioned though I was able to return mine for cash back so, problem solved for me. I'm using my MSI Ghz edition 7970 3gb again just fine with a few just two settings to be specific shadows and grass turned down one more notch and running smooth at 3240 x 1920 again. Last and final fresh install of windows 10 pro 64bit. I hope I'm done reinstalling windows now... Everything is running great so far so fingers crossed. Anyway sorry you can't return yours. If I had the money I would throw money at you for it just to get you out of this mess. I was so happy to be done with it when I returned it.

Adept I

Re: MSI R9 390, Driver crashing, Help

Intel i5-2500l @3.30 GHz 3.30 GHz

64 bit 4 GB RAM

Windows 7

Gigabyte AMD R9 380 256 Bit GDDR5 4GB 2xDVI/HDMI/DP G1 Gaming Graphics Card GV-R938G1 GAMING-4GD

My card after upgrading from HIS HD7850 .

I play FFXIV, Wildstar, Guild Wars 2. All of them crash with this card now unless I run them on dx9. I should have bought an nVidia GTX960 and called it a day. The amount of time taken to fix this issue, which is still not resolved, is outrageous.

I'm playing, the display locks up, goes dark, and I have to force quit the game through task manager.

It's gonna be hard to forget this feeling of being robbed off $270 and wasted time to end up probably running dx9 on games for a long while until I can save up new money to buy an nVidia card.


Re: MSI R9 390, Driver crashing, Help


Thanks man, I appreciate the thought, glad you were able to get out of the mess.

Adept I

Re: MSI R9 390, Driver crashing, Help

I am suffering from this issue since July when I bought the card. I was following this topic and even opened a ticket to AMD, I stopped replying after waiting 1 day for a reply asking me to test something and pretending to don't know that this is a known issue.

This issue is going to celebrate a 3 month birthday in 4 days (since it was first reported) and We still didn't got any support from AMD.

I honestly feel very disappointed at AMD for this horrible support.

I used to admire AMD for the fight against Intel's monopoly and the free initiatives to gaming and computing, now I feel nothing but disappointment and regret. I really dislike Nvidia, but I fear that there's no other choice for high quality gaming.

3 months and not even a reply saying that this issue will ever be fixed. That's really sad. I feel ripped off.

Adept II

Re: MSI R9 390, Driver crashing, Help

I feel ripped off too, but saying they're not checking in and giving updates at all without checking previous pages of this thread is risky. AMD officials have replied to this thread 3 times in these 3 months, and the last update was that they're now testing the fix. That was about 2 weeks ago. I'd get a refund or RMA if possible. I RMA'd mine and got a new one back. That one works properly so far. If the fix enables the power of the card to perform better than my GTX 980, I might decide to sell the 980 instead of the 390x.

Adept I

Re: MSI R9 390, Driver crashing, Help

They're not checking in or giving updates. I have nothing against any member of AMD staff but all I could read from the staff was stuff like "We're testing a possible fix" and honestly thats nothing. Even on the know issues of the latest driver changelog (Catalyst 15.8 BETA) there was nothing about this issue we're experiencing.

I don't want to RMA because MSI Support in Brazil is not that good as experienced people told in another forum.

I waited more than 1 year for this graphics card for this major disappointment, performance like the previous series and now this issue that forbids me to play on DX11 while the previous generation doesn't even have this issue.

Adept III

Re: MSI R9 390, Driver crashing, Help

Brasil? Bem vindo ao barco furado da série R9 300 conterrâneo.

Brazil? Welcome to the leaky boat of the series R9 300 countryman.