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MSI R9 380 4GB Not even posting on boot

So couple of weeks ago, On of the AMD Drivers got updated and I couldn't boot to my PC anymore, even to the BIOS... (Maybe its the gpu itself, i don't really know currently)

The GPU Fans are spinning and leds are on, But fans get turned off when it shows no display, prob seconds after boot...

What I tried to do:

  • Reinstalling Windows 10 (Actually posted and showed the GPU in the Device manager untill I downloaded the Drivers and restarted then again same problem, no Boot)
  • I tried to put the GPU on my friends pc and it didn't boot, and he has same specs almost as mine, and his GTX 1070 worked on my PC...
  • I updated my Motherboard BIOS, Same as Tried to Update GPU Bios trough Safe Mode with ATIFlash
  • I disabled the iGPU from the BIOS but when I set it to "PCIe" it auto on restart sets to "CPU intergrated" for some reasons..

I still have some hope since it showed the GPU on Device Manager, but what can be the problem?

Windows 10 64 bit
i7 6700
Asus Z170-K
AMD MSI R9 380 4GB
Seasonic SS-600 ET Active PFC F3

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Since you had the same problem on two different computers concerning your GPU it seems to indicate you GPU card went bad or is now defective.

Yea seems understandable... I tried everything, not buying amd again.. 4 years and a dead gpu wow..


It figures, MSI Warranty for new GPUs is for 3 years.

To tell you the truth, It isn't AMD fault the your GPU card lasted for about 4 years. AMD just supplies the Graphic chips but MSI is the one the actually manufactures and engineers the GPU card. So depending on MSI Quality in making the GPU cards depends on how long they last.  At least they have a standard 3 year Warranty on all their new GPU cards.

Either way it is a bummer. I once purchased a Computer hardware where it became defective exactly one day after the Warranty expired. Talk about frustration LoL!


I'm going to get a new Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1660 OC 6GB, Its my budget now

My Sapphire RX 480 has survived fine