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Journeyman III

Mouse/Video stutter with AMD drivers on laptop

If AMD's drivers are installed for my GPU, there's a periodic lag / skip / stutter in the cursor, mouse movements, and display every few seconds. If there is a graphic moving in the background, it stops at the same time the mouse stops. If I uninstall the AMD driver and use Windows' generic driver, problem goes away, but then I don't have GPU drivers and can't do anything graphic intensive with laptop and AMD drivers eventually get installed again or me anyway. Because the problem goes away if I uninstall the AMD drivers, I'm confident it's an AMD issue.

Laptop is Dell 15-fl113cl and it's a AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics chipset which recently went into legacy status. Windows 10 Pro / 20H2 / 19042.1237.

Radeon Adrenalin 21.5.2 has the last driver to support my chipset. It gives the problem stated above. I skipped around and tried other older drivers including with Radeon 18.1.1 and 20.2.2 and same results. My google searches seem to universally point to me needing to disable HDCP, however, as with this similar unresolved issue, apparently the option to disable HDCP on laptops is often blocked entirely and so I seem to be stuck.

I got the laptop as a second hand extra, now I can see why he was happy to just give it to me. The problem predated it going into legacy status. I've already spent probably 8 hours on this problem last few months, so this post is my hail marry, hopefully there was a solution.