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Adept II

Monsterhunter world BSOD on start,


Asus Radeon rx 5700

Ryzen AMD Ryzen 7 2700x Eight-core

EX-A320M-Gaming (motherbord)

PSU: 850


I have this problem when I try to open MHW, by just pressing play, I get hit by a BSOD

I need to know if im the only one here who has this problem?


Can any one who read this, if you have MHW, can you play the game?


Here is a funny thing, i cannot play resident evil 2 and total war Warhammer with directx 11, but the work perfectly fine with directx 12


MHW for the moment don’t have directx 12, so im stuck with Dx 11.


I have literally tried and pull every wire now, every guide, all drivers are up to date. Read multiple threads and fixes.  Nothing works, and, just like everybody ells who has a Radeon, sometimes I get random BSOD.


If you have a Radeon card, can you play monster hunter world? Or is this just happening to me?

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