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Journeyman III

monitors flickering after 18.3.4 update

After updating to 18.3.4 2 of my 4 monitors are now flickering. I have switched the cables around to see if it was just 1 card or if it was the type of connection, and to remove the possibility of loose connections.

OS       Windows 7

AMD 8 core @ 3.2G

8G ram

Cards     2x Radeon 7770 HD

2 monitors connected by HDMI (no flicker)      ASUS  22W 1920 x 1080

1 Connected by DVI to HDMI              LG TV   1366 x 768  flickers

1 Connected by DVI to DVI  emachines 22W   1920 x 1080  flickers

changing connections changed which monitors flickered only the DVI connections are flickering, unfortunately I can not change the DVI to HDMI as the cards only support 1 HDMI each.

also the CPU is now running warmer, before update avg temp while playing Planetside 2:

CPU 62 F

Card 1 95 F

Card 2 75 F

Game on monitor 1 or 2
if game is on 3 or 4 Swap card temps

Now CPU is averaging 77 F

Card 1 104 F

Card 2 80 F

cards are not bridged as you can not connect monitors to second card when bridged.

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