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Journeyman III

Monitor signal lost after changing colour depth setting via Radeon software


a friend of mine just bought a new pc and has the sapphire pulse 5500 xt 8gb vga. He has a samsung monitor that was working fine at first, connected with hdmi cable. We noticed that the monitor was "flickering" or to explain it better some little dots were blinking randomnly. Anyway, trying to fix this we tried changing some settings from Radeon Software and Monitor section. So we changed the colour depth to 8 bpc and the problem was fixed. We had 3 options (8-10-12) and setting was at first at 10. Then we for a second we thought lets try the 12 bpc, if the problem worsens then that's definitely what was wrong. And that was it. We lost monitor signal and we can't see anything. We restarted the pc, it boots and gives signal initially but right before entering windows signal gets lost. I tried to press f8 and enter safe mode but i couldnt. We changed to another monitor so to fix the settings there, the signal is ok, but i think vga adjust to new monitor because it only gives us the 8 bpc option. After we connect it again to the initial monitor the problem remains.

Should i restore factory settings to default using the 2nd monitor? how can i fix this?

Sorry for my english and thanks in advance