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Monitor Resolution Scaling

I have a Dell S2719DGF Freesync Monitor. Up until recently I have been using it with the RTX 2060 with no issues but now I have switched the the 5700XT I have a couple of problems.

Firstly. Dell Display Manager is telling me "This program requires a supported Dell monitor and connection, and compatible display driver". This is after a clean install of windows, latest Dell drivers and software. I have spoken to Dell and they are saying as it worked fine with my 2060 this is a Radeon issue? I have since tried it with the 2060 again and it works perfectly.

Secondly, if I switch the resolution in a game down to 1080P, for example with Metro Exodus as it is a demanding game so in order to keep it really smooth with all the effects 1080P is great, the game does not fill the screen. It actually displays the game in 1080P with no scaling so a lot of the screen is just black real estate. Same for COD Black OPS 4, Diablo 3, the list goes on. Now I had no issues doing this on my 2060. 

As I have the Sapphire Nitro 5700XT I wanted to take advantage of the Trixx Boost, so you set the monitor to run at a slightly lower res and it automatically applies RIS to sharpen the image so with mine I can have it set so all 1440P content I will run at 2304x1296 with RIS on but the trouble as my monitor does not scale to full screen with Radeon I cant use it. I have tried GPU scaling and it has no effect. 

Anyone got any ideas?

I'm on the latest radeon drivers, my monitor is connected by DP using a CLUB 3D Vesa cable. Win 10 Pro all drivers latest.

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I have the same issue on a 5700 with a viewsonic monitor. The issue is not present using a 2400G IGP in the same machine, which leads me to believe it's a navi thing.

For me GPU scaling only applies correctly if the refresh rate changes at the same time as the resolution. This means it's near impossible to get it working if the game does not allow you to set refresh rate.

I have also found that GPU scaling can't be disabled. I can toggle the option off, but GPU scaling is still applied. The setting is ignored.

So it's definitely a driver issue.

I've never had this issue before, with every card & monitor combo I have had in the past I have just chosen whatever resolution is available to me and it has automatically switched and scaled to fit the screen I must add, on the desktop it does scale to the screen it's just in gaming it will won't. 


Did you try with "virtual super resolution" (vsr)? Also, different gpu scaling options are there..

I haven't tried that, I haven't touched that setting to be honest. As soon as I get home I shall see what options it brings. Thank you.