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Journeyman III

Monitor randomly loses signal and drivers uninstall after restart causing tons of lag

Hello, this is a problem that's been happening for a while now. Whenever I'm playing games, my monitor loses connection. It's not just for a few seconds either, it goes on until I restart my computer. Most times after this happens, I need to reinstall my drivers because of how laggy it is. It's not just my monitor that gets weird either. Sometimes when it happens my keyboard is unresponsive but is still on and other times I'm still able to talk to my friends as it happens. I've tried so many fixes and yet none of them are working. One time when it happened, I got an error screen, and the only option that worked was factory resetting it. Because of that, I'm starting to think that it's a problem with one of my parts and not with the software on my computer. However, if there are any possible fixes, please let me know!

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Journeyman III

did you intalled the 21.6.1 or 21.6.2 drivers?

i had a similar issue but going back to the 21.5.2 drivers made everyting work normal again