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Monitor disconnects when powered off

Okay, so the AMD drivers are treating my monitor like a hot pluggable device and disconnecting the display when I shut it off...  This is causing an issue, because it refuses to reconnect to the display after I turn it back on and won’t even reconnect by unplugging it and plugging it back in...  I literally have to hard reboot to get it to connect again!  

I know it’s acting like this, because I can hear the Windows tone that happens when you plug or unplug a USB device as soon as I power down the display.  None of my previous video cards ever treated the display like this.

My system confit is below:


ASROCK Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming

Thread-Ripper 1920x

32 Gigs of RAM (Quad channel)

Samsung 970 EVO 512 Gig NVME SSD

EVGA Supernova 80+ Gold 850 watt PSU

Windows 10 (build 1909)

Latest AMD Drivers

The card runs cool and efficient without any signs of overheating at all and it hasn’t given me a black screen yet, so this this one little issue is annoying as hell, as it shouldn’t be monitoring for the display to turn off and not back on.

Also, my board has no setting to set the PCIe to any specific version and my monitor is connected via Display Port Cable (the same one that worked with my GTX 1080).

For the record I have performed the DDU ritual for both Nvidia and AMD drivers before installing the latest AMD drivers.

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