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Journeyman III

mirros in The Sims 4 does not work with Radeon 6800 XT

On my new PC the mirror shows behind the wall like in the first picture
but on my old laptop the mirror works properly like in the second picture.
is there anyway compatibility mode or Radeon feature I can play with to fix this problem?
why is this happening anyway?
maybe if I could run it with a different direct-X?

on my new computer the mirror is showing behind the wallon my new computer the mirror is showing behind the wallworks on my old laptopworks on my old laptop

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Journeyman III

I did a bit of furthur digging and the sims requirements says:

> DIRECTX: DirectX 9.0,10 and 11 Compatible

and my directX is 12 (from DxDiag)

how do I change my directX?



So, it's been almost a year since they posted this and no one has answered, no one has at least found a solution. I have the same issue, I recently bought and set up my new pc and after trying a few games the only one that wouldn't work properly was The Sims 4. Only the mirrors would not work, that is.

Anyway, I checked it with EA support and Sims 4 community and the conclusion was it has to be some kind of issue with the graphic card., cause as this lad said in this post, I can still use it in my old laptop and it works.

If anyone know/can provide any kind of information about this, it would be much appreciated. 




Have you looked at trying to run this game under a vulcan driver such as Dxvk with the vulcan RT driver.

Dxvk is for Linux but it does work under windows and I had good luck with it for fallout 4.

Might be worthwhile to look into, I don't have Sims 4 but I think you can just put the d3d9.dll / d3d11.dll with dxgi.dll into the directory of the game and install the Vulcan RT driver in your system.

I'm just giving suggestions on what you can try.