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Minecraft (ReLive & missing Game profile)

Hi at this point this has been brought up enough times already. Just makes me a bit sad that until now no official game profiles and recommendations for Minecraft Java Edition and Windows 10 Edition have been created.

Or that Minecraft: Java Edition until this day isn't being able to be captured properly  in full screen using ReLive when the competitor can do that just fine. That of course we have to enable desktop capture is something I'm willing to do for an OpenGL game.

But having no option to record in full screen without the desktop shown in the background ReLive really just doesn't help the case of showcasing that ReLive can be a viable competitor to Shadowplay in certain cases.

Hope this small little rant gives some insight and gets some traction by the community as a small wake up call. #MinecraftIsAGame #Gaming

And to make this a question and not just a boggling rant/discussion. As what I marked (unintentionatly in Jive it's hard to find the create a discussion option under a dropdown) it: Why is it that until today we don't have an official profile for Minecraft: Java Edition or Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition yet?