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Journeyman III

Microsoft update caused MIC not working in ZOOM on Ryzen 7 5800U laptop(s).

Since it is just a business application, most users probably don't even care. But I and probably some other ZEN3 laptop owners have a hard time in business meetings now.


Recently I have seen Windows 11 installing something like AMD platform update, or similar thing.

After that ZOOM became deaf to microphone.

It seems there are other customers complaining the same at ZOOM forum, but the devs seem don't give a **bleep**.

The same goes to HP, the laptop manufacturer.


The symptoms are as follows:

After ZOOM connects to a mic, it stops receiving sound in-stream in 1 second on my laptop; others say it is up to a minute.

Skype, Teams, MEET, keep working as before, without a glitch.

Intel based laptops are not affected.

I tried downgrading zoom - does not help.

Tried rolling system restore 1 month back: it helps. But Windows 11 updates itself immediately, and ZOOM becomes deaf.


I have a Ryzen 7 5800U based HP Pavilion Aero 13 at home, and can not communicate anymore from there, because many companies use only ZOOM.

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Journeyman III


Journeyman III

The problem is indeed in HP+AMD combination. HP has its noise cancellation configuration in AMD/B&O panel. And when it is set to "individual voice", it just reduces any microphone input to zero. It started after the recent windows updates.

AMD collaboration with HP is required, since the technology is originating from AMD, but enabled by HP.