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Journeyman III

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 AMD Ryzen 5 Problem with Adrenalin Version 23.11.1 (Brightness Issue)

System: Surface Laptop 4 Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 Microsoft Surface (R) Edition, 2201 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s)

Installed Adrenalin Version: 23.11.1

OS Name: Microsoft Windows 11 Home; Version 10.0.22631 Build 22631

Today I installed Adrenalin software to boost my laptop and after the restart, when I click physical keys on my keyboard to adjust brightness, it drops to very dark! Supposedly from 100% to around 40%! And I can get back to 100% but it seems there's no other options to choose 90%, 80% or any rates in between 40% and 100%!

I tried changing it through settings of my Windows 11 but no help! No matter what profile I choose in Adrenalin, the problem persists! Once I remove Adrenalin and restart, the problem is gone! Any comments?

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Adept I

Hi, I have the same issue after upgrading my Surface 4 AMD with the latest Adrenalin drivers. The brightness drops way too much as soon as you go to 99% below. One is pretty much stuck on 100% permanently /-: Did you find a solution? These new drivers are a major upgrade over the ones Microsoft provides. Even in the latest Surface 4 AMD Microsoft upgrade no new graphics driver is provided for the 2021 one /-:


Did you download the Microsoft Surface 4 driver or just the generic AMD Laptop driver from the download page.

Here is the MS Surface 4 driver download  page:

Screenshot 2024-01-04 110239.png

Adept I

Hi I downloaded the exact Surface driver you're pointing out... Initially, I installed driver only & after some time dealing with the display brightness issue I did a minimal install to get a AMD configuration app but that didn't offer any options to get it sorted. I then uninstalled the AMD Adrenalin driver, installed the latest Microsoft Surface Surface Laptop 4 AMD update from last December in the hope that it would contain a AMD graphics driver update but it resulted in the same old 2021 Microsoft graphics driver so I reinstalled the Adrenalin driver by extracting the msi file and and doing a driver update through device manager. Brightness problem is still an issue but the Adrenalin driver is a major performance upgrade over the old 2021 driver. I can now even use the internal GPU to assist in rendering 3D scenes in Blender for example...

You seemed to be the second thread opened about a PC brightness issue.

Try opening a AMD SUPPORT TICKET and see what they say:

If the previous AMD Driver doesn't have the brightness issue then that would indicate the latest AMD Driver has a bug in it.

Adept I

I never installed any AMD drivers before. These Microsoft Surface devices have become so OEM specific that you can´t even just do a clean Windows OS install anymore but have to download a 9GB special Surface install file /-: I was actually very surprised to find a Microsoft Surface specific driver for my Surface Laptop 4 on the AMD website. I was even more surprised that it is a major upgrade over the Microsoft provided graphics driver. Apart from the brightness bug it is appears to be very stable and without issues. I guess not many Surface Laptop 4 users have installed this driver yet simply because they are not aware it exists. Microsoft will surely never make it available in their updates because they want to sell the newer surface laptops. I will open a support ticket. Thanks very much for your support.

Not really familiar at all concerning Microsoft Surface. So have no idea how to update drivers and so forth.

Yes open a AMD SUPPORT TICKET and see what they say. If they reply can you upload it to this thread.

 Hopefully they won't say that you need to go to Microsoft Support for a fix.

Journeyman III

Hi, friend. I ran into exactly the same problem, but I have a Laptop 3 on a ryzen7 3780u. The problems started with drivers released since May 2023. The April drivers are working correctly. On the official AMD website, I found an archive with all the drivers ( I attach the link for my processor as an example ). I am very surprised that the problem has been going on for six months, and AMD continues to release non-working drivers!


I found the solution to the Brightness issue and its due to the drivers that update after the version 23.7.1.

I have downgraded from the latest version to that version. Then after that, I downloaded the Microsoft Toolkit and fixed the issues from there on. 

I cannot find the exact link the download page for the driver but I hope this helps.