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Adept I

Microsoft Office 2019 doesn't work on 19.6.3!

Hello everyone, so I updated my beloved version (18.7.2) to the newest one (19.6.3) and I just realized, that MS Office doesn't work on this version at all!

Before you'll ask ... Yes I have legal copy of MS Office 2019 and everything works fine on 18.7.2

Here you can see some screenshot: Broken MS Office - Album on Imgur 

You basically can't see any letters and numbers.

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Make sure to share this with AMD they are the only ones who can fix the issue. This forum is only other users like you, so thanks for letting us know. Now let AMD know: Online Service Request | AMD 

Adept I

I allready fixed it! 

It's a problem with dedicated GPU and MS Office hardware acceleration function. What you can do:
1. Try and make MS Office apps to run on built-in GPU. I couldn't do it — AMD Drivers automatically run it on dedicated GPU, ignoring my settings, I don't know why.

2. Disable hardware acceleration in any MS Office app settings. If you can't access settings ('cause you can't see any text), go to Control Panel — Power Settings — Change Power Scheme — Change Additional Parameters — Switchable GPUs and change it to 'forcible use built-in GPU' (naming may not be precise, I have another system language). Then launch any Office app (Word, for example), go to Settings — Advanced, scroll down about halfway, find something like 'Disable hardware acceleration' and tick the checkbox. Then you can revert your power scheme to previous settings, and every Office app should look normal when running on dedicated GPU.


That is a work around not a fix. But glad you are able to use your office suite again. You should still report the issue to AMD.