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Journeyman III

Microsoft driver replacing 7900xt driver.

I'm still relatively new to all of this. I've built my computer from the ground up and I haven't run into this problem before. Windows keeps updating my drivers automatically and it's disabling my 7900xt. Same things happening with the xtx. How can i keep this from happening. Also, in one of most recent Windows updates my registry got corrupted, and I got BSOD. I'd like to keep that from ever happening again as well.

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Adept III

It sounds like you are experiencing some issues with automatic driver updates on your Windows computer. Here are some steps you can take to prevent these issues from happening in the future:

Disable Automatic Driver Updates: You can disable automatic driver updates by going to the "System Properties" settings in your Windows Control Panel, selecting "Hardware," and then "Device Installation Settings." From there, you can choose the option to "Never install driver software from Windows Update."

Install Drivers Manually: Instead of relying on automatic driver updates, you can manually install the latest drivers for your hardware. You can usually find these drivers on the manufacturer's website.

Create System Restore Points: To protect your computer from potential issues caused by updates or driver installations, you can create system restore points. This allows you to restore your system to a previous state if something goes wrong.

Regularly Backup Your Registry: The Windows Registry is a critical component of your operating system, and corruption can lead to system instability and crashes. To prevent this from happening, it's a good idea to regularly backup your registry using a tool like Regedit.By taking these steps, you can help prevent driver and update-related issues on your Windows computer, and ensure that your system remains stable and reliable.


You need to disable option on Windows Update that called "Receive updates for other Microsoft productes when you update Windows".

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