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Journeyman III

metric overlay does not work

metric overlay does not work
Hi, I would like to know if someone else does not work on metric overlapping at some since it does not work for me, restarting the system, restoring the total radeon system configuration but nothing is only shown at the start or in the browser but in the games nothing; and when deactivating and activating the metrics inside the game, the radeon sofware window disappears.
I have the whql version 20.1.3, I have a msi r9 390x gaming 8g card.
so I will return to my previous version where it works perfectly 19.11.3.
Postscript: since this radeon sofware 2020 comes out in any version, the metrics work well or simply freezes the software or disappears and I have sent many tickets but it seems that they do not read them if someone else has the same thing.

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