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Journeyman III

Messed up PRO driver on Ubuntu 20.04

Hi everyone, I recently got myself a Radeon PRO W6400. I looked for the driver (amdgpu-pro) and installed it, but it didn't work for some reason. My screen was just black. I somehow found a link to a newer version of the driver in the install guide, not the driver page, and this one did seem to work.

However, I started noticing small but annoying glitches that get more and more insufferable as I use my computer:

  1. Random lag spikes slowing down (or freezing) an app or my whole system - sometimes for very long times.
  2. Firefox straight up randomly crashing.
  3. Cursor antialiasing gone.
  4. Super wonky startup.
  5. Suspension doesn't work half of the time.
  6. Visual glitches in GTK apps (i.e. buttons in the Nemo file explorer randomly turning into my background).
  7. Some steam games refuse to launch/crash.

And some others.

If somebody knows what could be causing this, please reply. I would not like to reinstall Ubuntu again.

System specs:

PCDell Precision 3440
CPUIntel Core i3 10100
GPUAMD Radeon PRO W6400
RAM24 GB (2*4 GB + 2*8 GB)
DiskM.2 SSD NVMe
OSUbuntu 20.04.3
GNU/Linux 5.14.0-1048-oem (x86_64)
Display Info

Asus BE24D

Display Software

Server: X11
DM: gdm3
Windows: GTK3
DE: Ubuntu GNOME

Graphics software

amdgpu-pro 22.20
OpenGL 4.6.14800 Core Profile Context FireGL 22.20
GLSL 4.60


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